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Lifestyle and Financial Planning for Simpler Living

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Woodlake Books
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Have you ever wondered how you can simplify your life, enjoy greater spiritual fulfillment, and still pay off the mortgage, put your kids through college, and save enough for retirement? You don't need to starve yourself to live a simpler life. There is such a thing as having enough, and Betty Jane Wylie addresses that very issue while examining options for living simply in her latest book, Enough.

Betty Jane Wylie is an acclaimed journalist, playwright, and author. Her work reflects her special concern for women, children and the elderly. Well known for her book Beginnings: A Book for Widows, her recent works include The Better Half: Women's Voices and Reading Between the Lines: The Diaries of Women. She lives and writes by a small lake in the Muskokas, in Ontario, Canada.

Lifestyle and Fina...
by Woodlake Books
Betty Jane Wylie
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