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Will You Come and Follow Me? An Adult Lenten Study
NEW in 2015!

By Mary Louise Bringle and Beverly Howard
Six-Session Study Pack, Only $26.00 for Full-Church Use!

Participants will explore Lenten hymns and experience them as sung prayers petitioning our Lord to be with us in our life journey. Available to download January 7, 2015.

Other Adult Downloadable Resources for Lent
All study packs listed below are six sessions unless otherwise indicated.

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A Look at Those Who Knew Jesus: A Youth Lenten Study
NEW in 2015!

By Kathy Wolf Reed
Six-Session Study Pack, Only $26.00 for Full-Church Use!

This study encourages youth to learn more about the different religious communities in existence during Jesus' life and how their encounters with him transformed their faith. Over six weeks, we will examine six groups of people: the Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, Zealots, the disciples of Jesus, and the women who followed Jesus. Available to download January 14, 2015.

Other Youth Downloadable Resources for Lent