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The Present Word Worship Leaflets

Winter 2020–2021

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The Worship Leaflet adds new depth to any Present Word session with liturgy, prayers, hymns, and scripture. This daily office or fixed out prayer style service adds an element of worship to your Bible study.

The Winter Quarter (December–February 2020/21) examines God’s call in stories from the New Testament. The greatest call came to Jesus; others led to the extension of Christian ministry into the known world. Unit I begins with Jesus’ heritage and spends time on the story of Jesus’ birth, including the witness of the Magi to Jesus’ call as the Messiah. John the Baptist’s call is studied also. The second unit looks at four events from Jesus’ ministry. Jesus’ receives a call to proclamation and ministry and expands his work by calling followers. Jesus’ ministries of healing and as intercessor are a focus. Unit III highlights women in ministry. From the Samaritan woman to Mary Magdalene to Priscilla and Lydia, women supported Jesus in his work and carried forth his teachings after the Resurrection.

Series Description
The Present Word is an adult Bible study curriculum that uses the Uniform Series which is a way to study the Bible over a six-year period. Each quarter works its way through different books of the Bible and focuses on a different theme. As you study each passage of scripture discover its deeper meaning and how it is relevant to our world today.

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