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The Present Word Leader's Guide Large Print Winter 2021-2022
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The Leader’s Guide is very user friendly, it cross-references materials in both the Participant Book and Worship Leaflet. This guide gives your leader the background information they need to feel confident in leading the session.

The Winter Quarter (December–January 2021/22) traces themes of justice in a variety of Old Testament passages. Unit I, “God Requires Justice,” presents four lessons exploring how leaders of God’s people must rely on God’s Law as they administer justice. In Deuteronomy, Moses calls God’s people to be just and equitable; in 1 Samuel, David shows justice by offering kindness to Mephibosheth; and in Isaiah the prophet declares a reign of justice and righteousness. The Queen of Sheba calls Solomon a king who “executes justice and righteousness (1 Kings); and the prophet Nahum tells of God meting out justice to Judah’s enemies. Unit II, “God: The Source of Justice,” has five lessons that focus on God’s justice in the lives of God’s people. Genesis has the stories of Cain and Abel and Hagar and Ishmael. Exodus seeks justice for everyone, even one’s enemies. Deuteronomy directs judges, officials, and priests to administer justice for God’s people, especially the marginalized. Unit III, “Justice and Adversity,” consists of four lessons that deal with situations where justice seems absent. David’s injustice to Uriah the Hittite, Bathsheba’s husband, is condemned in 2 Samuel. Ezra, returning to Jerusalem from exile, seeks to restore respect for God’s Law. And Job tells of his faithfulness to God following the tragic events in his life.

Series Description
The Present Word is an adult Bible study curriculum that uses the Uniform Series which is a way to study the Bible over a six-year period. Each quarter works its way through different books of the Bible and focuses on a different theme. As you study each passage of scripture discover its deeper meaning and how it is relevant to our world today.

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