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Fall 2019 examines Old Testament stories that reflect worship—ways we come before God in worship and ways in which God meets us, calls us, and sends us. We celebrate the grace, beauty, and joy in God’s good creation and our response is praise. God can call us by name and send us with a job to do. In the Ten Commandments, we hear God’s words to us and we learn ways in which we love God and love others. We offer gifts and give our thanks. Like Joshua, we can remember God’s activity in our lives and mark the moment with ritual. God’s people have opportunity time and time again to dedicate themselves to following God. Ruth’s words become an affirmation of faith, a commitment to follow God. In two stories of David, we get a sense of the joy and delight of worship. We turn to aspects of our participation in worship through confession and repentance, what God truly desires from us, and life application. Jonah must confront his disobedience and turn back to God. Micah reminds us that God doesn’t want “stuff.” God wants us to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with God. Finally, Esther puts her faith into action “for such a time as this,” reminding us that we can live what we believe too.

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