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Growing in Grace and Gratitude Ages 5-7, Leader Material

Spring 2020 Downloadable

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This spring quarter begins with Lent. This is an excellent opportunity to invite children to think about the season of Lent as a time of personal reflection to consider about how Jesus wants us to live. Each week connects a practice with an aspect of worship: praying the prayer Jesus taught us, sharing God’s message, declaring who we believe Jesus is, asking for and offering forgiveness, and serving others as we see Jesus in them. Easter morn arrives with the women’s visit to the tomb and our acclamation,

“Christ is risen!” and response, “He is risen indeed!” The seven Sundays of Eastertide follow as the children learn that Easter is not just one day but a season of celebration and good news as we move  toward Pentecost. After Easter, Jesus assures his friends that he is always with them.

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