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Growing in Grace & Gratitude Ages 3-5, Leader Material

Summer 2020 Downloadable includes SCM!

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The Leader’s Material includes weekly session plans, resource pages, and helpful tips for teachers. Biblical background information helps the leader feel confident teaching the stories of the Bible with children. Also included in the Leader’s Material are supply lists, extra activities, and suggestions for adapting activities for children with special needs.

This Summer quarter explores the theme of God’s faithfulness throughout the Bible focusing on stories from the Old Testament. As you begin with the story of Moses, children will learn about him as a baby, how he grows up to lead the slaves out of Egypt, and when he shares God’s Ten Commandments with the Hebrew people. The journey continues as the Hebrew people enter the promised land. Children will learn about the many people God calls to lead the people after Moses including, Joshua, Samuel, David and Jeremiah. God’s faithful voice will be heard through each of these stories. 

Series Description

Growing in Grace & Gratitude is our quarterly denominational curriculum for children ages 3–10. Children see God’s grace in the biblical narrative and in our world today. The curriculum provides age-appropriate opportunities for responses of gratitude through claiming, celebrating, praying and offering activities. There is diversity in learning as well as support for leaders to adapt lessons for children with special needs. Color illustrations accompany each Bible story to engage children visually. Each session embraces children in the grace of God through engagement with the Bible that echoes reformed worship: gathering in God’s grace, responding in gratitude, and loving and serving God.

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