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It's Easy Being Green

One Student's Guide to Serving God and Saving the Planet

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Zondervan Publishing
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You've probably heard the story of the garden of Eden--the paradise that God created for humans to live in. There was plenty of room for everyone, there were trees and flowers and plenty of food. When you look out your window today you don't see the paradise God intended for us. This world is crowded, polluted, and headed for trouble.

But it's not hopeless. Emma Sleeth is only sixteen, and she's working hard to save our planet. She believes that we're called by God to protect the resources that God gave us, and she wants to help you learn how to live a sustainable lifestyle. She's speaking out to her generation in the hopes that they will be the ones who can end global warming and restore our world to the paradise that God desires for us.

In It's Easy Being Green you'll learn how to honor God in the choices you make and you'll begin to understand the impact those choices have on the environment. Emma will help you see how you can make a difference at school, around the house, and all over the world as you make choices about everything from transportation to food to clothes.

Imagine the kind of paradise you can help to create for the next generation--for your future children! Join Emma on the quest to serve God by saving the planet.

Emma Sleeth was 15 years old when she wrote It1s Easy Being Green. As a junior in high school, she felt called to write about the biblical mandate to protect the environment - especially her generation1s responsibility. She learned about and developed her passion for environmentalism from her father, a doctor who wrote Serve God, Save the Planet: A Christian Call to Action. Now 17 and a leader of the evangelical movement to prevent climate change, Emma has received a scholarship to attend Asbury College. She and her family live in Wilmore, Kentucky.
It's Easy Being Gr...
One Student's Guid...
by Zondervan Publishing
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