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How the Irish Saved Civilization
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Anchor Books
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Every year millions of Americans celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but most are not aware of how great an influence St. Patrick was on the subsequent history of civilization. Not only did he bring Christianity to Ireland, he instilled a sense of literacy and learning that would create the conditions that allowed Ireland to become "the isle of saints and scholars." In this entertaining and compelling narrative, Thomas Cahill tells the story of how Europe evolved from the classical ageof Rome to the medieval era.

Without Ireland, the transition could not have taken place. Irish monks and scribes kept records of Western civilization by copying manuscripts of Greek and Latin writers. As Cahill delightfully illustrates, so much of the liveliness we associate with medieval culture has its roots in Ireland. When the seeds of culture were replanted on the European continent, it was from Ireland that they were germinated. How The Irish Saved Civilization reconstructs an era that few know about but which is central to understanding our past and our cultural heritage.

Thomas Cahill, former director of religious publishing at Doubleday, is the bestselling author of the Hinges of History series.
How the Irish Save...
by Anchor Books
Thomas Cahill
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