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Invitational Ministry

Move Your Church from Membership to Discipleship

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Many Christians today feel uncomfortable inviting others to church - and the Church's declining numbers are proof. What do I say? What will they think? Where do I start? Invitational Ministry takes the awkwardness and guesswork out of inviting others by equipping church members to talk about their faith in the form of a sincere invitation - creating disciples out of members. This isn't another book on evangelism - it's so much more. Based on her experience leading several churches to real numerical growth, Laurene Beth Bowers presents practical strategies to help congregations turn around declining numbers and thrive once again. By creating change within the current membership and teaching them how to effectively reach out to others, Invitational Ministry moves beyond usual evangelism strategies. Pastors and church leaders are guided through a process of identifying whom to invite, what kinds of invitational events are likely to reach certain groups, and how to make your event successful.

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