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Preaching Prophetically When the News Disturbs

Interpreting the Media

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This book is the first resource to help preachers interpret the news stories of our day and to understand the media industry that produces them. It answers these questions: What does preaching have to do with the news? What is the news that disturbs? What is media literacy and why are certain tools helpful in understanding the media industry? How do we preach pastorally and prophetically during crises or when the news disturbs? Preaching Prophetically When the News Disturbs discusses the origins of current prominent news stories that continue to receive media attention, including the radicalizing of Islam and global violence. The United States and much of the western world benefit from freedom of the press and the work of the gifted journalists who express diverse views through mass media outlets. It is important that preachers learn how the political and commercial agendas of media corporations may influence journalism. Not only will preachers benefit from using these techniques, they will be capable of teaching their listeners how to interpret what they see and hear in the media. In addition, listeners will benefit from the author's concrete suggestions to help preachers prepare for preaching in times of crisis and to care for their congregations when the news disturbs.

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