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Children's Ministry in the Way of Jesus
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Intervarsity Press
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People come to Christianity with all sorts of questions. Some questions are born of curiosity; others are born of suspicion. Some questions seem like distractions from the gospel. Regardless of the motivations behind them, these questions represent real barriers to faith for the people who ask them. And for those who are prepared, these questions represent real opportunities for the gospel to go forth. Raymond Hundley has made a life of fielding and responding to these questions, on the mission field and in the classroom and everywhere in between. Here he addresses the most common, and most perplexing, questions that come his way. How will you respond when the questions find you?

"In Children's Ministry in the Way of Jesus, David Csinos and Ivy Beckwith take a thoughtful and insightful look at the faith of children and how the church has and should respond to that faith.?This book is deep enough to be enjoyed by those with years of experience but clear and engaging enough to be read by those just starting in the field.?The authors' emphasis on how theology should shape ministry with children is both helpful and challenging. This is a great book for any group of people working with children to read together."--Robert J. Keeley, professor of education, Calvin College, and author of Helping Our Children Grow in Faith, and Laura Keeley, director of children's ministry at 14th Street Christian Reformed Church in Holland, Michigan, and a curriculum writer

"With all the creative planning, programming, theologizing and dreaming that's been happening for youth and adults, there has been too little fresh thinking about ministry with children. Thankfully, that's changing-- and this book is prime evidence of that good news. If you're ready to venture into new horizons in children's ministry, start reading. You'll find well-written chapters full of wise insight--and you'll be inspired to be part of a new era in the spiritual formation of children."-- Brian McLaren, author, speaker, activist,

"This book is a beautiful invitation into a way of ministering alongside children. I love how Beckwith and Csinos write about formation with children as a tale of traveling companions, setting out on a journey together to know and experience God along the way. Rich!"--Mimi Keel, Jacob's Well Church, Kansas City, Missouri

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David M. Csinos
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