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Small Group Vital Signs
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Is your small group healthy? Is it thriving, surviving, or declining? Is your group missional or in maintenance mode? Do you want answers to these questions? How about a viable plan of action for the future of you group? This book contains a revealing small group health evaluation and principles that will help you determine and increase your group's level of health in seven vital areas: - Christ-centered Community - Overflowing Leadership - Shared Leadership - Proactive Leadership - Authentic Community - Ministry to Others - Discipling Environment In SMALL GROUP VITAL SIGNS, you'll gain a new appreciation for the way Mike Mack explains why each of the areas above are critical to your group's health. His helpful stories, biblical principles, and practical ideas for health and vitality will help you and your group grow in each area. If you've wondered why some small groups thrive and their leaders seem so energized and happy, you'll discover it in this revealing book-and learn how to become this kind of leader!

Michael C,. Mack leads Small Group Leadership ( /) a ministry Michael launched to help churches develop healthy, dynamic groups through training and speaking, coaching and consulting, and writing. He is the author of five books about small group ministry and leadership and ten discussion guides. Michael leads small group training seminars across the US and in other countries. He loves in Pewee Valley, KY with his wife and their four children.

Small Group Vital ...
Michael C. Mack
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