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The Power of a Story

It Inspires, Surprises, and Lifts Your Faith

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Abingdon Press
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The stories highlight valuable lessons about faith, hope, and love, and show how stories have the power to move us to a deeper love for God and for other people.

In this book, popular author James W. Moore talks about the power of a story, such as those told by Jesus in the Bible. The author recalls, "I would be sitting there in the sanctuary of our church, doing what young boys do in church, drawing pictures on the back of the bulletin, working puzzles, looking constantly at Granny's watch, wishing the seconds hand would move faster, daydreaming about sports, kicking my feet in the air impatiently, counting the organ pipes . . . And then, the preacher would start telling a story, and I was hooked. He had my full attention. I couldn't wait to hear the story!"

Jesus knew the importance of telling stories to convey a message or a Biblical truth and used this technique often when speaking or ministering to others throughout the Bible in the form of parables. Stories are a natural way to give detail and perspective while teaching an important point.

The Power of a Sto...
It Inspires, Surpr...
by Abingdon Press
James W. Moore
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Some Folks Feel th...
by Abingdon Press
James W. Moore
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