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The Way of Tea and Justice

Rescuing the World's Favorite Beverage from Its Violent History

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In 2012, reverend and social entrepreneur Becca Stevens began work on the Thistle Stop Café, a business designed to provide employment opportunities for the residents of Magdalene, as well as Thistle Farms, the social enterprise benefitting women recovering from violence and addiction. As she explored the legacy of tea, she uncovered not only its healing mysteries but also the dark secrets that have overshadowed this ancient brew.

In The Way of Tea and Justice, Becca draws readers into the world of tea-making, as she works with cooperatives and coalitions across the globe to ensure fair trade and community enhancement in every cup of tea the café brews. But beneath the beauty of the tea ritual, she found an underbelly of corruption, abuse, and extortion that plagues laborers in the tea industry. True to her nature as an activist and a storyteller, she recounts stories of triumph for impoverished tea pickers and the tales of struggle and hope that have poured in with hundreds of teacups that have been donated to the café.

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The Way of Tea and...
Rescuing the World...
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