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Dispatches from the Global Village
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Dispatches from the Global Village is a collection of thirty columns by Derek Evans, former Deputy Secretary General of Amnesty International. While the entry point for these columns (first published in British Columbia newspapers) is often something seemingly innocuous, perhaps even mundane--like a cup of tea, a croissant, a picture on a wall--the essays themselves are not for the faint of heart. As the leader of more than sixty Amnesty International delegations, and more recently as a consultant to the United Nations and other international organizations, Evans has travelled the globe to meet with African warlords and the Dalai Lama, heads of state and the leaders of rebel armies, victims of torture and peasant farmers. His single-minded objective, to challenge the forces of injustice, violence, and all things that separate people and nations from each other. Informing, challenging, and inspiring, the stories, images, and hope contained in Dispatches from the Global Village will stay with the reader long after the book is set down.

Derek Evans is a writer, teacher, scholar, and activist. His work in peace and human rights spans three decades and five continents. Evans has served two terms as Deputy Secretary General of Amnesty International, and has led more than seventy international delegations conducting human rights investigations or peace negotiations. He was awarded the McGeachy Senior Scholarship for 2005-2006 in recognition of his inter-disciplinary work in the field of reconciliation in post-conflict situations. He teaches at Simon Fraser University and is a core faculty member in the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue's diploma program in "Dialogue and Negotiation".

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