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Learning God's Stories Together

Intergenerational Program for Church and Home

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In this valuable resource, Dorothy Henderson explains, encourages and enables all-ages learning. People looking for help in developing an all-ages learning program will be heartened by the wealth of practical advice Learning God's Stories Together provides. The first part of the book explains the theory and practice of all ages learning. Dorothy opens our eyes to its myriad benefits: Its fun! It builds community. It lets us hear points of view from groups we might not normally have a chance to mingle with. Dorothy presents her ideas in an easily accessible style that will fit with almost any congregation, large or small. There is a section describing the five generations that might form an all ages learning group which is interesting and useful and not only for church-group use! We also learn about the advantages of all ages learning, which are many. Dorothy provides step-by-step insructions for setting up all ages learning and ideas to use for our first gatherings. The information is complete and inspires us to go ahead and try this if we havent done it before; it will provide depth and insight and new ideas for those who already have all ages learning happening in their church. The second part of the book consists of twenty story sessions, each of which contains suggestions for gathering, for telling and talking about the story, and for exploring the story and making it part of your life.

Dorothy Henderson is on the staff of The Presbyterian Church in Canada national office where she has responsibility for Christian Education and Ministry with Children, Youth and their Families. She and her husband, John, live in Newmarket, Ontario, where Dorothy is active in her home congregation. They have three grown children--Sonya, Joel and Daniel. Dorothy has a diploma in Christian Education, an ARCT in piano, a BA in Religious Studies, and a MA in Religion and Culture.

Learning God's Sto...
Intergenerational ...
by Woodlake Books
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