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Creating Change

The Arts as Catalyst for Spiritual Transformation

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Music, dance, drama, visual art, writing--what role do the arts play in our spiritual life? Some people believe the arts are essential to their spiritual practice because they bring moments of insight and transformation to their journey. Creating Change explores the many ways the arts cultivate spiritual depth and transformation. Stories from artists and congregations reveal how the arts breathe new life into prayer, worship, theological reflection, and the work of justice. It looks at how the arts allow us to express our spirituality with an individuality and depth that truly celebrates our connection to God.

Keri K. Wehlander is an author, hymn lyricist, and retreat leader. Spirituality and the arts have provided a primary focus for her work in various settings in both Canada and the U.S. Her book, Circles of Grace: Worship and Prayer in the Everyday, has become a valuable resource for congregations, church camps, retreats and individuals desiring to deepen their prayer life. Keri's writings has been included in various anthologies in both North America and Europe.

Creating Change
The Arts as Cataly...
by Woodlake Books
Keri K. Wehlander
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