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The Alligator in Naomi's Pillow
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Woodlake Books
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It's the middle of the night and Naomi runs down the hall to her parents bedroom screaming, EEEEEE!

There s an alligator in her pillow and she needs mom and dad to make it go away. Over a few nights, Naomi s parents groggily try different approaches to rid Naomi s pillow of the alligator, but in the end it is Naomi who comes up with a way to face her scary nocturnal visitor.

The text and the delightful illustrations are infused with humour and allow a easy rapport with Naomi and her nightly situation. Naomi s parents gently and sleepily allow her to explore her fear of the alligator in a supportive way that is neither sentimental or harshly dismissive. What can be seen as a troubling and upsetting event (for both parents and child) is sensitively and realistically dealt with by a deft and light hand. This book is an inspiring introduction to exploring fear as well as being an entertaining and engaging read.

The book includes a page of I wonder questions that adults can use to explore the subject of fear with children (or with themselves).

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