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Going Beyond Words

12 Practices for Spiritual Unfolding

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Woodlake Books
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Contemplation, meditation, and prayer are some of the ways we "practice" our spirituality. Like learning new music on an instrument or drawing in a sketch book, we mature as spiritual beings as we practice being "present to the Presence." By slowing ourselves down (even for just a few minutes a day) and bringing our focus to that-which-is-bigger-than-us, we are transformed. This book offers spiritual practices that have their roots in ancient tradition and have been adapted and refined to be relevant and accessible to anyone interested in spiritual unfolding.

Utilizing word, image, sound, and silence to engage our cognitive, emotional, and physical intelligences, the practices encourage and celebrate the ongoing process of spiritual transformation. They are designed to expand our repertoire of ways to be present to ourselves, to each other, to the cosmos, and to the Holy - in other words, ways to do our part in serving the Great Work.

This practical book is illustrated with black and white images by the author. It is small enough to carry around in a shoulder bag or jacket pocket, and comes with an audio CD containing background music for the practices, timed intervals for meditation/contemplation/prayer, and verbal instructions. You will find it easy to begin the practice of engaging your whole self in your spiritual journey.

This book will appeal to people who already have a spiritual practice and are looking for ways to deepen or enliven it. Easy to do and understand, the practices are equally useful for individual and group settings, for everyday and for retreat settings.

Lois Huey-Heck uses art as a mediator of the inner life--the spiritual/religious and the psychological. Lois' day job is Associate Publisher of Wood Lake Publishing and that also connects her to matters of spirituality and the practical concerns of putting values/beliefs into action. She has recently completed courses at Vancouver School of Theology and is a Spiritual Director. She finds the spiritual-formation aspect of soul-friending a rich source/wellspring for creative expression.

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