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Seeds of Faith

Practices to Grow a Healthy Spiritual Life

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Paraclete Press
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Take your faith to the next level. In every moment and event in our lives, God plants seends of spiritual significance in our souls. Our challenge is to prepare the soil of our lives to nurture these seeds of faith so that they may take root and help us grow closer to God. By tapping into the spiritual practices revealed in Scripture and throughout Christian tradition, we come to embrace what God the Gardener is doing in our lives and, in turn, to share God's grace with the world. The healthier we are, the more abundant will be the fruits of our love, hope, joy, and kindness. This book is for seekers of all ages and walks of life--college students, parents, professionals, the lapsed and the weary, as well as seasoned saints--who wish to deepen their faith in small but meaningful ways.

Seeds of Faith
Practices to Grow ...
by Paraclete Press
Jeremy Langford
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