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Sabbath Pause

Seven Weeks of Daily Practices

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In a world where most of us fervently complain, "There just isn't enough time!" we need to learn how to pause and truly rest. With Sabbath Pause, Terry Chapman offers a resource based on the Judeo-Christian tradition of Sabbath that can change the way we live in time.

The original Jewish "Sabbath" referred to a 24-hour period every seven days which was set aside for worship, rest, and renewal. Sabbath Pause offers daily writings that encourage us to make time for small Sabbaths each day - a time to stop, breathe, reflect, and direct our focus with a particular intention, be it listening for God in the noise of life or dreaming the impossible dream. Each day for seven weeks, Chapman uses a combination of poetry and prose as well as quotations from scripture and literature to explore a theme. This exploration is followed by questions for reflection, a breath prayer, and an "intention" for the day. Using this daily spiritual practice, Chapman opens us to a new rhythm or way of living life with and in God - a way that can nourish our deepest needs.

If you know there is more to living than the rush of daily life, if you are looking for something deeper but don't know where to start, this book will provide the inspiration and the tools you need.

Sabbath Pause can be used individually or in community.

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