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The Beatitudes for Progressive Christians

A Ten Session Study Guide

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Woodlake Books
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Let's admit it. We live in a complicated world where things are a bit crazy - and not in a good way. A global pandemic, wars, racial strife, wealth disparity, death and destruction; we are all affected by these things one way or another, even if only through the media. And we all suffer because of them - sometimes directly and physically; usually emotionally; and often spiritually, though we may not always recognize it. Some of us suffer more than others, of course, particularly those of us who are or have been touched directly by tragedy or trauma. It's enough, sometimes, to make you question your faith. It's enough, sometimes, to make you wonder if you're cursed. "Not so!" says Jesus. Not only are we not cursed, it is in these painful extremes we are the most blessed. With genuine pastoral sensitivity, Schmidt says, "The Beatitudes tell us that we can find and experience God's presence in difficult times. We can know ours lives are expressions of divine love when we seek to bring about peace and justice in our world. We can find comfort when we are grieving and hurting. And all those times when people put us down for our adherence to living the gospel, we can feel assured that - despite ridicule - we are on the right path."

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