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The A.W.E. Project

Reinventing Education, Reinventing the Human

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Matthew Fox has done it again. As one of the most prophetic voices of our time, he has created a unique new project that speaks to the concerns and hopes of all of us who care about creating lives of meaning for ourselves, our communities, our children and our children's children. The A.W.E. Project reminds us that awe is the appropriate response to the unfathomable wonder that is creation from the magnificence of galaxies, to the complex and brilliant process of cell-differentiation, and the miracle of the human hand (product of 14 billion years of evolution). Imagine how much richer learning will be for all ages when we intentionally cultivate a sense of appreciation and wonder.

With passion and conviction, Fox turns conventional education upside down, shakes out what is no longer working, and offers visions of what can be.

Matthew Fox is the author of twenty-seven books including The Coming of the Cosmic Christ, Sheer Joy: Conversations with Thomas Aquinas on Creation Spirituality, A New Reformation, and Creativity: Where the Divine and the Human Meet. He is in demand around the world as a speaker, leader, and reformer.

The A.W.E. Projec...
Reinventing Educat...
by Woodlake Books
Matthew Fox
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