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A Year with Norrie

Northrop Frye and the Universal Spirit

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To a church that increasingly addresses itself to biblically illiterate people, the work of Northrop Frye offers a priceless gift. Equally important, FryeÆs work offers a similar gift to those of a more ôsecularö or ôspiritual but not religiousö bent. Though he was a minister in the United Church of Canada, Northrop Frye rarely inhabited a pulpit in the usual way. A brilliant thinker and academic, a guiding light in the world of the university, his pulpit and his discipline were his classroom. As an educator, he felt it highly unethical to share his faith stance with his studentsà He considered his witness to be his role as critic, as one who articulates a form of culture, including Christian culture. As Don Collett writes in A Year with Norrie, ôFrye conceived of a world beyond the normal confines of Christian doctrine and theology and thenà found a place for Christian doctrine and theology to provide the hope this world needs.ö
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