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2020–2021 Joining the Feast 12 Months Printed Format

2020-21 Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

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Product Description
Feasting on the Word Curriculum is a quarterly resource that includes 4 quarters of material for the 9 month subscription. This resource helps worship and education leaders intentionally link the education experience to the worship service. Worship leaders will appreciate sections that connect the rhythm of the church year with an overview to the curriculum and provide shape to the season by expanding on the weekly focus Scriptures. Suggestions for intentional integration of curriculum activities into worship services such as liturgy suggestions, children’s bulletins, children’s sermon ideas and much more are included in this resource.

Series Description
Feasting on the Word Curriculum follows the Revised Common Lectionary and allows everyone to explore the same Bible passage each week. This makes it easy for families to live out their faith together. This curriculum invites learners from children through adults into the rhythm of the church year. Leaders of each age group are provided with a solid biblical background from the well-known commentary Feasting on the Word. Explore the what, where, so what, and now what of each biblical passage from the lectionary through a variety of learning and teaching styles. Joining the Feast connects education with worship offering suggestions to use during the worship service.


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