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Old Testament Servants of God

Faith for Life

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GenOn Ministries' Faith for Life is an undated and permanent Bible study curriculum. All sessions are rooted in one or more biblical passages. The goal of Faith for Life is that a child, who moves from Kindergarten through Grade 8 in the Faith for Life curriculum, will know the major persons, events, and themes of the Old and New Testaments and will feel comfortable using Bible skills and tools, as well as the skills of interpretation and application to his or her own life. Each course can be used to span up to three grades, as needed. It is a creative and teachable resource with sound educational and theological principles.

Old Testament Servants of God introduces middle elementary-age students to important people in the Old Testament. This resource has 25 sessions appropriate for grades 2, 3 and 4. Themes in Old Testament Servants of God: A Chosen Family, Joseph and His Brothers, Moses and the Exodus, God's Faith Leaders, God's Faithful Rulers, God's Faithful Prophets. Downloadable and complete year's teacher guide includes student handouts and at-home activity and discussion pages..

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