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Psalms: In the Eye of the Storm


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GenOn Ministries’ high school Bible study courses are broadly graded for 9th–12th grades with enough content for 45–60 minutes for each teacher-led, interactive lesson. A variety of activities using different learning styles, are included to enhance the study. Some courses contain five sessions and some ten, all appropriate for class sizes ranging from 3 to 20 students with at least 2 leaders. All courses are written to be used by a variety of churches, in many different settings, and are easily adaptable for your youth. GenOn’s high school curriculum will help grow Christian relationships with your youth and leaders, and nurture all in the Christian faith.

There is no question that teens today face lots of storms. And there is no question that our world is facing many storms, both literal and metaphorical. Through this fully downloadable study, students will begin to appreciate the Psalms in a new way, and will turn to them in times of joy and pain. The goal is to make the Psalms accessible. 5 sessions:

  • Session 1: Trust – Psalm 23; John 10:11-13
  • Session 2: Fear – Psalm 27:1, 7-14; Revelation 21:1-5
  • Session 3: Refuge – Psalm 46; Genesis 6:13-22
  • Session 4: Guidance – Psalm 121; Exodus 13:17-22
  •  Session 5: Relationship – Psalm 139:1-14; Genesis 1:26-31
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