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LOGOS Toolkit: Defining LOGOS: Understanding the Why of LOGOS Ministry
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LOGOS is the theology and practice of growing intergenerational Christian relationships in a planned and purposeful setting. Often (but not always) implemented in a midweek setting, LOGOS is an experience that creates an arena where all ages, together, can learn about, experience, and practice the art of Christian relationships, critical for developing life-long disciples. GenOn Ministries provides training, resources and support needed to start and sustain a LOGOS ministry in your church.

Defining LOGOS is a detailed look at why LOGOS midweek ministry matters. The resource includes an easy-to-understand explanation of Christian relationships, GenOn’s biblical process of calling volunteers into ministry to staff programming, and the purpose of a balanced approach to ministry (nurturing the body, mind, and spirit). This resource is for churches inquiring about LOGOS as well as churches with many years of LOGOS experience. 

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