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Glory to God--Hymns and Songs for Children and Families

Singing Faith All Day Long

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Westminster John Knox Press
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Glory to God--Hymns and Songs for Children and Families was created to help people share songs of the Christian faith with children. The variety of music, lyrics, prayers and poems form a soundtrack for children to know themselves as God's children. These 19 songs and 4 prayers were taken from the Glory to God hymnal and adapted for children by professional musicians, creating a high-quality complement to the hymnal.

This recording was created for families to share songs of the Christian faith in a natural, every-day kind of way. The variety of music, lyrics, prayers, and poems weave a soundtrack to live by - "All Day Long"! Parents and grandparents, enjoy these songs with your child as you honor your role as faith mentor.

These songs and prayers were chosen because:

    • Children appreciate the beautiful, simple, common, and sacred.
    • Songs of faith and hymns children learn in childhood lead them to lives of service and discipleship.
    • Children remember particularly what they learn through music and poetry.
    • The songs can be enjoyed by all generations together.
    • Young children love to listen to and sing with their special adults.

    Here are some ways to use this recording:

      • Sing along or listen to them at home, in the car, with family and friends.
      • Play the recordings at the four parts of the day: morning, mid-day, evening/suppertime, and night/bedtime.
      • As you and your child get to know the pieces, sing or say them as they occur to you during the day.
      • Create your own prayers and songs with your child.
      • Include the calming-down pieces in your child's (or your) bedtime routine.
      • Encourage the use of these recordings at events in your congregation: church school classes, children's choirs, all-church events.

      Look online at for additional suggestions for activities to accompany these songs.

      Track ListingTitleNumber in Glory to God
      1Come into God's Presence#413
      2Spoken Good Morning Prayer
      3God Is Here Today#411
      4Lord of All Hopefulness (verse 1)#683
      5Spoken Verse: For the Beauty of the Earth#14
      6God of Great and God of Small#19
      7Praise God, From Whom All Blessings Flow#608, 607, 605, 609
      8Spoken Mid-Day Prayer
      9I'm Gonna Live So God Can Use Me#700
      10Lord of All Eagerness (verse 2)#683
      11Holy Manna (tune only)#24, 396, 509
      12Jesus Loves Me!#188
      13Listen to the Word/Yisrael V'oraita#455, 453
      14God Is So Good/Know That God Is Good#658, 659
      15May the God of Hope Go with Us#765
      16Lord of All Kindliness (verse 3)#683
      17Spoken Table Blessing
      18Taste and See#520
      19Spoken Verse: All God's Children/Be Still and Know that I am God#414
      20Picardy (tune only)#274, 347
      21Lord of All Gentleness (verse 4)#683
      22Spoken Evening Prayer
      23God, Be the Love to Search and Keep Me#543
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