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Hymnal Contents


Listed in alphabetical order by first line, this is the final list of contents for Glory to God.  Click here to download the contents list as a PDF.

Hymn Number  First Line Title (and/or Common Title) Tune Text Information Music Information
 200 A Cheering, Chanting, Dizzy Crowd CHRISTIAN LOVE Thomas H. Troeger Paul Benoit, OSB
 652 A Grateful Heart (Psalm 111) ROCKINGHAM David Gambrell Second Supplement to
Psalmody in Miniature/
Edward Miller
 258 A Hymn of Glory Let Us Sing! DEO GRACIAS The Venerable Bede/trans.
Elizabeth Rundle Charles and
Benjamin Webb
"The Agincourt Song"/harm.
Alfred V. Fedak
 275 A Mighty Fortress Is Our God EIN'FESTE BURG Martin Luther/trans. Frederick
Henry Hedge
Martin Luther
 201 A Prophet-Woman Broke a Jar HOW CAN I KEEP
Brian Wren Robert Lowry
 171 A Sower Came from Ancient Hills MARY AND MARTHA Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr. John D. Horman
 160 A Stable Lamp Is Lighted ANDUJAR Richard Wilbur David Hurd
 173 A Woman and a Coin LIFE RESTORED Jaroslav J. Vajda Fred Kimball Graham
 836 Abide with Me EVENTIDE Henry Francis Lyte William Henry Monk
 218 Ah, Holy Jesus HERZLIEBSTER JESU Johann Heerman/trans.
Robert Bridges
Johann Crüger
 212 Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed MARTYRDOM Isaac Watts Hugh Wilson/adapt. and
harm. Robert Smith
 15 All Creatures of Our God and King LASST UNS ERFREUEN Francis of Assisi Geistliche Kirchengesäng/
harm. R. V. Williams
 196 All Glory, Laud, and Honor VALET WILL ICH DIR GEBEN Theodulph of Orleans/trans. John Mason Neale Melchior Teschner/arr. William Henry Monk
 263 All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name! CORONATION Edward Perronet and John Rippon Oliver Holden
 149 All Hail to God's Anointed (Psalm 72) ROCKPORT James Montgomery Thomas Tertius Noble
 385 All People That on Earth Do Dwell (Psalm 100) OLD HUNDREDTH William Kethe Attr. Louis Bourgeois
 675 All Praise to Thee, My God, This Night TALLIS' CANON Thomas Ken Thomas Tallis/adapt. Parker's Whole Psalter, c. 1561
 20 All Things Bright and Beautiful ROYAL OAK Cecil Frances Alexander English melody/adapt. Martin Shaw
 509 All Who Hunger, Gather Gladly HOLY MANNA Sylvia G. Dunstan William Moore
 351 All Who Love and Serve Your City CHARLESTOWN Erik Routley The United States Sacred Harmony, 1799/harm. Carlton R. Young
 798 All with Joyful Exultation (Psalm 30) YISRAEL V'ORAITA Michael Morgan, stanzas; Hal H. Hopson, refrain Traditional Hasidic melody
 586 Alleluia   Liturgical text Jacques Berthier
 587 Alleluia CELTIC ALLELUIA Liturgical text Fintan O'Carroll and Christopher Walker
 589 Alleluia HONDURAS ALLELUIA Traditional Honduran Traditional Honduran
 588 Alleluia (Hughes)   Liturgical text Howard Hughes, SM
 240 Alleluia, Alleluia! Give Thanks ALLELUIA NO.1 Donald Fishel Donald Fishel/arr. Betty Pulkingham and Donald Fishel
 253 Alleluia! Christ is Arisen (¡Aleluya! Cristo resucitó) SANTO DOMINGO Luis Bojos/trans. Martin A. Seltz Luis Bojos
 755 Alleluia! Laud and Blessing (Psalms 111 and 112) WEISSE FLAGGEN Michael Morgan As in Tochter Sion, Cologne 1741
 260 Alleluia! Sing to Jesus! HYFRYDOL William Chatterton Dix Rowland H. Prichard
 649 Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound AMAZING GRACE John Newton Virginia Harmony/arr. Edwin O. Excell
 554 Amen LAND OF REST Liturgical text American folk melody/adapt. Marcia Pruner
 600 Amen (African American)   Liturgical text African American
 601 Amen (Danish)   Liturgical text Danish
 599 Amen (Dresden)   Liturgical text Johann G. Naumann
 561 Amen (Harling)   Liturgical text Per Harling
 568 Amen (Haugen)   Liturgical text Marty Haugen
 574 Amen    Liturgical text Thomas Pavlechko
 571 Amen (Oliver)   Liturgical text Curt Oliver
 558 Amen (Roberts)   Liturgical text Leon Roberts
 564 Amen (Schubert)   Liturgical text Franz Schubert/adapt. Richard Proulx
 598 Amen, We Praise Your Name AMEN SIAKUDUMISA South African traditional Attr. S. C. Molefe, as taught by Gobingca George Mxadana
 202 An Upper Room Did Our Lord Prepare O WALY WALY Fred Pratt Green English folk melody/harm. John Weaver
 143 Angels, from the Realms of Glory REGENT SQUARE James Montgomery Henry Thomas Smart
 113 Angels We Have Heard on High GLORIA French carol/trans. James Chadwick French carol/arr. Edward Shippen Barnes
 381 Arise, O Lord Our God, Arise (Psalm 132) BOURBON The Psalter, 1912 Hesperian Harp, 1848/harm. John Leon Hooker
 744 Arise, Your Light Is Come! FESTAL SONG Ruth C. Duck William H. Walker
 429 As a Chalice Cast of Gold INWARD LIGHT Thomas H. Troeger Carol Doran
 474 As a Child Rests (Psalm 131) AS A CHILD RESTS Christopher Walker Christopher Walker
 461 As Dew Falls Gently at Dawn AS DEW FALLS Hee Bo Kim/trans. Edward Poitras, alt. Soon Sae Kim
 665 As Morning Dawns (Psalm 5) WAREHAM Fred R. Anderson William Knapp
 778 As Pants the Deer for Living Streams (Psalms 42 and 43) MARY AND MARTHA Ruth C. Duck John D. Horman
 626 As the Deer AS THE DEER PANTS Martin J. Nystrom Martin J. Nystrom
 292 As the Wind Song WAIRUA TAPU Shirley Erena Murray Swee Hong Lim
 712 As Those of Old Their Firstfruits Brought FOREST GREEN Frank von Christierson English folk melody/arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams
 150 As with Gladness Men of Old DIX William Chatterton Dix Conrad Kocher/abr. William Henry Monk
 264 At the Name of Jesus KING'S WESTON Caroline Maria Noel Ralph Vaughan Williams
 107 Awake! Awake, and Greet the New Morn REJOICE, REJOICE Marty Haugen Marty Haugen
 663 Awake My Soul, and with the Sun MORNING HYMN Thomas Ken François Hippolyte Barthélémon
 114 Away in a Manger CRADLE SONG Little Children's Book for Schools and Families William James Kirkpatrick
 115 Away in a Manger MUELLER Little Children's Book for Schools and Families James R. Murray
 482 Baptized in Water BUNESSAN Michael A. Saward Gaelic melody/arr. Dale Grotenhuis
 500 Be Known to Us in Breaking Bread ST. FLAVIAN James Montgomery Day's Psalter, 1562
 243 Be Not Afraid BE NOT AFRAID Taizé Community Jacques Berthier
 414 Be Still and Know That I Am God (Psalm 46) PSALM 46 John L. Bell John L. Bell
 819 Be Still, My Soul FINLANDIA Katharina von Schlegel/trans. Jane Borthwick Jean Sibelius
 450 Be Thou My Vision SLANE Ancient Irish poem/trans. Mary E. Byrne/vers. Eleanor Hull Irish ballad/harm. David Evans
 249 Because You Live, O Christ VRUECHTEN Shirley Erena Murray Dutch melody/harm. Alice Parker
 428 Before I Take the Body of My Lord LAYING DOWN John L. Bell and Graham Maule John L. Bell
 125 Before the Marvel of This Night MARVEL Jaroslav J. Vajda Carl F. Schalk
 216 Beneath the Cross of Jesus ST. CHRISTOPHER Elizabeth Cecilia Douglas Clephane Frederick Charles Maker
 47 Bless All Who Trust in God (Psalm 128) FRANCONIA David Mowbray J.B. König/arr. William H. Havergal
 544 Bless the Lord BLESS THE LORD (Taizé) Jacques Berthier Jacques Berthier and the Taizé Community
 34 Bless the Lord, My Soul and Being (Psalm 104) RUSTINGTON Fred R. Anderson C. Hubert H. Parry
 535 Bless the Lord, O My Soul BLESS THE LORD Liturgical text Appalachian folk melody/arr. Richard D. Wetzel
 839 Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine! ASSURANCE Fanny Jane Crosby Phoebe Palmer Knapp
 395 Blessed Jesus, at Your Word LIEBSTER JESU Tobias Clausnitzer/trans. Catherine Winkworth Johann Rudolph Ahle/harm. Johann Sebastian Bach
 369 Blessing and Honor O QUANTA QUALIA Horatius Bonar Paris Antiphoner, 1681
 172 Blest Are They BLEST ARE THEY David Haas David Haas
 617 Blest Be God, Praised Forever SANAA Anonymous/trans. Samuel Paul Punjabi melody, Pakistan
 109 Blest Be the God of Israel (Song of Zechariah) MERLE'S TUNE Michael A. Perry Hal H. Hopson
 306 Blest Be the Tie That Binds DENNIS John Fawcett Johann Georg Nägeli/arr. Lowell Mason
 158 Born in the Night, Mary's Child MARY'S CHILD Geoffrey Ainger Geoffrey Ainger/harm. Richard D. Wetzel
 496 Bread of Heaven, on Thee We Feed ARFON Josiah Conder French and Welsh melody/arr. Hugh Davies
 497 Bread of Life from Heaven ARGENTINE SANTO/BREAK NOW THE BREAD Susan R. Briehl Argentine trad., refrain/Mary Haugen, stanzas
 499 Bread of the World in Mercy Broken RENDEZ À DIEU Reginald Heber Louis Bourgeois
 130 Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light ERMUNTRE DICH Johann Rist/trans. John Troutbeck Johann Schop/harm. Johann Sebastian Bach
 460 Break Thou the Bread of Life BREAD OF LIFE Mary Ann Lathbury William Fisk Sherwin
 286 Breathe on Me, Breath of God TRENTHAM Edwin Hatch Robert Jackson
 396 Brethren, We Have Met to Worship HOLY MANNA The Columbian Harmony, 1825 The Columbian Harmony, 1825/harm. Alfred V. Fedak
 760 Bring Many Names WESTCHASE Brian Wren Carlton R. Young
 325 By All Your Saints Still Striving KING'S LYNN Horatio Bolton Nelson English folk tune
 818 By Gracious Powers INTERCESSOR Dietrich Bonhoeffer/trans. Fred Pratt Green C. Hubert H. Parry
 72 By the Babylonian Rivers (Psalm 137) KAS DZIEDAJA Ewald Bash Latvian melody/harm. Geoffrey Laycock
 784 By the Waters of Babylon (Psalm 137) BY THE WATERS OF BABYLON Psalm 137 Jewish melody
 761 Called as Partners in Christ's Service BEECHER Jane Parker Huber John Zundel
 184 Calm to the Waves CALM SEAS Mary Louise Bringle Thomas Pavlechko
 695 Change My Heart, O God CHANGE MY HEART Eddie Espinosa Eddie Espinosa
 486 Child of Blessing, Child of Promise KINGDOM Ronald S. Cole-Turner V. Earle Copes
 702 Christ Be Beside Me BUNESSAN St. Patrick's Breastplate/adapt. by James Quinn, SJ Gaelic melody/arr. Dale Grotenhuis
 251 Christ Has Arisen, Alleluia MFURAHINI, HALELUYA Bernard Kyamanywa/trans. Howard S. Olson Tanzanian traditional
 553 Christ Has Died, Christ Is Risen
LAND OF REST Liturgical text American folk melody/adapt. Marcia Pruner
 560 Christ Has Died, Christ Is Risen (Harling)   Liturgical text Per Harling
 566 Christ Has Died, Christ Is Risen (Haugen)   Liturgical text Marty Haugen
 573 Christ Has Died, Christ Is Risen (Pavlechko)   Liturgical text Thomas Pavlechko
 557 Christ Has Died, Christ Is Risen (Roberts)   Liturgical text Leon Roberts
 563 Christ Has Died, Christ Is Risen (Schubert)   Liturgical text Franz Schubert/adapt. Richard Proulx
 231 Christ Has Risen While Earth Slumbers SUO GAN The Iona Community Welsh melody/arr. Alfred V. Fedak
 246 Christ Is Alive! TRURO Brian Wren Thomas Williams/harm. Lowell Mason
 360 Christ Is Coming UNSER HERRSCHER John Ross Macduff Joachim Neander
 394 Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation WESTMINSTER ABBEY 7th c. Latin/trans. John Mason Neale Henry Purcell
 248 Christ Is Risen! Shout Hosanna! HYMN TO JOY Brian Wren Ludwig van Beethoven/adapt. Edward Hodges
 237 Christ Jesus Lay in Death's Strong Bands CHRIST LAG IN TODESBANDEN Martin Luther/trans. Richard Massie Geystliche gesangk Buchleyn/adapt. and harm. Johann Sebastian Bach
 245 Christ the Lord Is Risen Today! LLANFAIR Charles Wesley Robert Williams/harm. David Evans
 662 Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies RATISBON Charles Wesley Freylinghausen's Gesangbuch, 1704/rev. in Werner's Choralbuch, 1815
 388 Come, All You People UYAIMOSE Alexander Gondo Alexander Gondo/arr. John L. Bell
 466 Come and Fill Our Hearts (Confitemini Domino) CONFITEMINI DOMINO Jacques Berthier Jacques Berthier
 174 Come and Seek the Ways of Wisdom MADELEINE Ruth C. Duck Donna Kasbohm
 389 Come and Sing the Praise of the Lord (Psalm 150) HAL'LUHU Trad./words from Psalm 150:6 Trad./arr. John L. Bell
 511 Come—Behold!—the Feast of Heaven LLANFAIR John F. Underwood Robert Williams/harm. David Evans
 851 Come, Bring Your Burdens to God WOZA NOMTHWALO WAKHO South African traditional South African traditional/arr. Welile Sigabi
 267 Come, Christians, Join to Sing MADRID Christian Henry Bateman Spanish folk melody/arr. Benjamin Carr/harm. David Evans
 91 Come, Come Emmanuel COME, COME EMMANUEL James J. Chepponis James J. Chepponis
 282 Come Down, O Love Divine DOWN AMPNEY Bianco da Siena/trans. Richard Frederick Littledale Ralph Vaughan Williams
 309 Come, Great God of All the Ages ABBOT'S LEIGH Mary Jackson Cathey Cyril Vincent Taylor
 278 Come, Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspire VENI CREATOR SPIRITUS Attr. Rabanus Maurus/trans. John Cosin Plainsong/arr. Healey Willan
 279 Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove ST. AGNES Isaac Watts John Bacchus Dykes
 413 Come into God's Presence COME INTO HIS PRESENCE Unknown Unknown
 719 Come, Labor On ORA LABORA Jane Laurie Borthwick Thomas Tertius Noble
 528 Come, Let Us Eat A VA DE Billema Kwillia and Gilbert E. Doan, Jr./trans. Margaret D. Miller Billema Kwillia
 55 Come like Driving Wind, O God (Psalm 68) NUN KOMM, DER HEIDEN HEILAND Richard Leach Based on plainsong melody
 749 Come, Live in the Light (We Are Called) WE ARE CALLED David Haas David Haas
 103 Come Now, O Prince of Peace (Ososo) O-SO-SO Geonyong Lee/English para. Marion Pope Geonyong Lee
 186 Come Now, You Blessed, Eat at My Table COME NOW, YOU BLESSED Ruth C. Duck Emily R. Brink
 283 Come, O Holy Spirit, Come WA EMIMIMO Original Yoruba/trans. I-to Loh Trad. Yoruba as taught by Samuel Solanke (Nigeria)
 280 Come, O Spirit, Dwell among Us EBENEZER Janie Alford Thomas John Williams
 780 Come Quickly, Lord, to Rescue Me (Psalm 70) DISTRESS Bert Polman W. Walker's Southern Harmony, 1835/harm. Erik Routley
 305 Come Sing, O Church, in Joy! DARWALL'S 148TH Brian Dill John Darwall
 805 Come Sing to God (Psalm 30) ELLACOMBE Fred R. Anderson Gesangbuch der Herzogl. Wirtembergischen…
 2 Come, Thou Almighty King ITALIAN HYMN Collection of Hymns for Social Worship, 1757 Felice de Giardini
 475 Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing NETTLETON Robert Robinson John Wyeth
 82 Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus HYFRYDOL Charles Wesley Rowland H. Prichard/arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams
 83 Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus STUTTGART Charles Wesley Witt's Psalmodia Sacra, 1715
 183 Come to Me, O Weary Traveler AUSTIN Sylvia G. Dunstan William Rowan
 508 Come to the Table COME TO THE TABLE Paul Junggap Huh Hyun Chul Lee
 507 Come to the Table of Grace TABLE OF GRACE Barbara Hamm Barbara Hamm
 386 Come, Worship God (Psalm 95) O QUANTA QUALIA Michael Perry Paris Antiphoner, 1681/harm. John Bacchus Dykes
 415 Come, Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy RESTORATION Joseph Hart (stanzas); anonymous (refrain) William Walker's Southern Harmony, 1835
 367 Come, Ye Thankful People, Come ST. GEORGE'S WINDSOR Henry Alford George Job Elvey
 234 Come, You Faithful, Raise the Strain ST. KEVIN John of Damascus/trans. John Mason Neale Arthur Seymour Sullivan
 87 Comfort, Comfort Now My People GENEVAN 42 Johannes Olearius/trans. Catherine Winkworth Genevan Psalter, 1551
 706 Commit Your Way to God the Lord (Psalm 37) GUILSBOROUGH Michael Perry Thurlow Weed
 476 Crashing Waters at Creation CRASHING WATERS Sylvia G. Dunstan William A. Cross
 422 Create in Me a Clean Heart (Psalm 51) CREATE IN ME (Capers) From Psalm 51 James M. Capers
 423 Create in Me a Clear Heart, O God (Psalm 51) SARADAY John Carter John Carter
 84 Creator of the Stars of Night CONDITOR ALME SIDERUM Latin hymn, 9th c./trans. John Mason Neale Sarum plainsong/arr. Alfred V. Fedak
 268 Crown Him with Many Crowns DIADEMATA Matthew Bridges George Job Elvey
 676 Day Is Done AR HYD Y NOS James Quinn, SJ Welsh melody
 252 Day of Arising RAABE Susan Palo Cherwien Carl F. Schalk
 242 Day of Delight and Beauty Unbounded IN DIR IST FREUDE Delores Dufner, OSB Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi
 169 Dear Lord and Father of Mankind REST John Greenleaf Whittier Frederick Charles Maker
 483 Dearest Jesus, We Are Here LIEBSTER JESU Benjamin Schmolck/trans. Catherine Winkworth Johann Rudolph Ahle/harm. Johann Sebastian Bach
 50 Deep in the Shadows of the Past SHEPHERD'S PIPES Brian Wren Annabeth McClelland Gay
 76 Do Not Be Afraid ISAIAH 43 Joy F. Patterson Sally Ann Morris
 752 Dona Nobis Pacem DONA NOBIS PACEM Traditional Traditional
 164 Down Galilee's Slow Roadways WEST MAIN Sylvia G. Dunstan John D. Horman
 529 Draw Us in the Spirit's Tether UNION SEMINARY Percy Dearmer Harold Friedell
 383 Dream On, Dream On DREAM ON Hae-Jong Kim, alt Sunkyung Lee
 567 Dying You Destroyed Our Death (Haugen)   Liturgical text Marty Haugen
 570 Dying You Destroyed Our Death (Oliver)   Liturgical text Curt Oliver
 26 Earth and All Stars! EARTH AND ALL STARS Herbert Frederick Brokering David N. Johnson
 527 Eat This Bread BERTHIER Taizé Community Jacques Berthier
 8 Eternal Father, Strong to Save MELITA William Whiting John Bacchus Dykes
 66 Every Time I Feel the Spirit PENTECOST African American spiritual African American spiritual/arr. Joseph T. Jones
 849 Everyone Who Longs for the Boundless Love of God EVERYONE WHO LONGS Sung-ho Park/trans. Edward Poitras Sung-ho Park
 630 Fairest Lord Jesus CRUSADERS' HYMN Münster Gesangbuch, 1677/trans. Church Chorals and Choir Studies, 1850 Silesian folk melody
 684 Faith Begins by Letting Go LUX PRIMA Carl P. Daw, Jr. Charles F. Gounod
 540 Farewell, Good Friends (Shalom, chaverim!) SHALOM, CHAVERIM Traditional Israeli round
 501 Feed Us, Lord FEED US Greg Scheer Greg Scheer
 846 Fight the Good Fight DUKE STREET John Samuel Bowley Monsell John Hatton
 699 Fill My Cup FILL MY CUP Isaiah Jones, Jr. Isaiah Jones, Jr.
 199 Filled with Excitement (Mantos y ramos) HOSANNA Rubén Ruíz Avila/trans. Gertrude C. Suppe Rubén Ruíz Avila/arr. Alvin Schutmaat
 324 For All the Faithful Women NYLAND Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr. Finnish folk tune
 326 For All the Saints SINE NOMINE William Walsham How Ralph Vaughan Williams
 769 For Everyone Born FOR EVERYONE BORN Shirley Erena Murray Brian Mann
 14 For the Beauty of the Earth DIX Folliott Sandford Pierpoint Conrad Kocher/abr. William Henry Monk
 516 For the Bread Which You Have Broken KINGDOM Louis FitzGerald Benson V. Earle Copes
 36 For the Fruit of All Creation AR HYD Y NOS Fred Pratt Green Welsh melody
 346 For the Healing of the Nations ST. THOMAS (Wade) Fred Kaan Attr. John Francis Wade/harm. attr. Vincent Francis Novello
 717 For the Life That You Have Given PLEADING SAVIOR Carl P. Daw, Jr. Leavitt's The Christian Lyre, 1830
 764 For the Troubles and the Suffering PELAS DORES DESTE MUNDO Rodolfo Gaede Neto/trans. Simei Monteiro and Jorge Lockward Rodolfo Gaede Neto
 791 For You, My God, I Wait (Psalms 130 and 131) SPRINGTIME Adam M.L. Tice David Ward
 89 For You, O Lord, My Soul in Stillness Waits (My Soul in Stillness Waits) MY SOUL IN STILLNESS WAITS Marty Haugen Marty Haugen
 444 Forgive Our Sins as We Forgive DETROIT Rosamond E. Herklots Supplement to Kentucky Harmony, 1820/harm. Margaret W. Mealy
 431 Forgive Us, Lord (Perdón, Señor) CONFESIÓN Jorge Lockward/trans. Raquel Mora Martinez Jorge Lockward
 167 Forty Days and Forty Nights AUS DER TIEFE RUFE ICH George Hunt Smyttan Attr. Martin Herbst
 359 Freedom Is Coming FREEDOM IS COMING Trad. South African Trad. South African
 327 From All That Dwell Below the Skies (Psalm 117) LASST UNS ERFREUEN Isaac Watts Geistliche Kirchengesäng/harm. R.V. Williams
 111 From Heaven Above VOM HIMMEL HOCH Martin Luther/trans. Inter-Lutheran Commission on Worship Schumann's Geistliche Lieder/harm. Hans Leo Hassler
 751 From the Nets of Our Labor (We Will Rise Up and Follow) HAMILTON Mary Louise Bringle John Kleinheksel
 670 From the Rising of the Sun (Psalm 113) RISING SUN Anonymous Anonymous
 146 Gentle Mary Laid Her Child TEMPUS ADEST FLORIDUM Joseph Simpson Cook Piae Cantiones/arr. Ernest C. MacMillan
 550 Give Praise to the Lord (Psalm 149) LAUDATE DOMINUM The Psalter, 1912 C. Hubert H. Parry
 647 Give Thanks GIVE THANKS Henry Smith Henry Smith
 731 Give Thanks for Those Whose Faith Is Firm REPTON Martin E. Leckebusch C. Hubert H. Parry
 644 Give Thanks, O Christian People ES FLOG EIN KLEINS WALDVÖGELEIN Mary Jackson Cathey Memmingen ms. 17th c. /harm. George Ratcliffe Woodward
 653 Give Thanks to God Who Hears Our Cries (Psalm 107) MORNING SONG Ruth C. Duck Wyeth's Repository of Sacred Music
 815 Give to the Winds Thy Fears FESTAL SONG Paul Gerhardt/trans. John Wesley William H. Walter
 467 Give Us Light (Jyothi dho Prabhu) JYOTHI DHO Charles Vas Charles Vas
 583 Gloria, Gloria GLORIA (Taizé) Liturgical text Jacques Berthier
 584 Gloria, Gloria, Gloria CUEQUITA Liturgical text Pablo Sosa
 81 Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken AUSTRIAN HYMN John Newton Franz Joseph Haydn
 580 Glory Be to the Father   Liturgical text Old Scottish chant
 581 Glory Be to the Father (Greatorex)   Liturgical text Henry W. Greatorex
 585 Glory to God (Gloria a Dios) MACHU-PICHU Trad. Peruvian Trad. Peruvian
 582 Glory to God, Whose Goodness Shines on Me GLORY TO GOD (Vasile) Liturgical text/adapt. Paul M. Vasile Paul M. Vasile
 296 Go in Grace and Make Disciples WONDROUS LIGHT Mary Louise Bringle William Rowan
 547 Go, My Children, with My Blessing AR HYD Y NOS Jaroslav J. Vajda Welsh traditional/arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams
 136 Go, Tell It on the Mountain GO TELL IT Stanzas, John W. Work II African American spiritual/arr. John W. Work III, harm. Melva Costen
 220 Go to Dark Gethsemane REDHEAD 76 James Montgomery Richard Redhead
 295 Go to the World! SINE NOMINE Sylvia G. Dunstan Ralph Vaughan Williams
 748 Go with Us, Lord TALLIS' CANON Mary Jackson Cathey Thomas Tallis/adapt. Parker's Whole Psalter, c. 1561
 543 God, Be the Love to Search and Keep Me (O Christ, Surround Me) GREEN TYLER Richard Bruxvoort Colligan Richard Bruxvoort Colligan
 542 God Be with You Till We Meet Again GOD BE WITH YOU Jeremiah Eames Rankin William G. Tomer
 541 God Be with You Till We Meet Again RANDOLPH Jeremiah Eames Rankin Ralph Vaughan Williams
 445 God, How Can We Forgive LEONI Ruth C. Duck Hebrew melody
 410 God Is Calling through the Whisper W ZLOBIE LEZY Mary Louise Bringle Polish carol/harm. Wilbur Lee
 409 God Is Here! ABBOT'S LEIGH Fred Pratt Green Cyril Vincent Taylor
 411 God Is Here Today (Díos está aquí) DÍOS ESTÁ AQUÍ Trad. Mexican/trans. C. Michael Hawn Trad. Mexican/arr. C. Michael Hawn and Arturo González
 841 God Is My Strong Salvation (Psalm 27) WEDLOCK James Montgomery Sacred Harp, 1844/harm. Austin C. Lovelace
 380 God Is Our Help, Refuge and Strength (Psalm 46) GOD IS OUR HELP Psalm 46:1 paraphrased Seung Nam Kim
 329 God Is Our Refuge and Our Strength (Psalm 46) WINCHESTER OLD The Psalter, 1912 Este's Psalmes, 1592
 658 God Is So Good GOD IS SO GOOD Traditional Traditional
 813 God, My Help and Hiding Place (Psalm 71) TOKYO Ruth C. Duck Isao Koizumi
 436 God of Compassion, in Mercy Befriend Us O QUANTA QUALIA John J. Moment Paris Antiphoner, 1681
 307 God of Grace and God of Glory CWM RHONDDA Harry Emerson Fosdick John Hughes
 19 God of Great and God of Small GOD OF GREAT AND SMALL Natalie Sleeth Natalie Sleeth
 686 God of Our Life SANDON Hugh Thomson Kerr Charles Henry Purday/harm. John Weaver
 331 God of the Ages, Whose Almighty Hand NATIONAL HYMN Daniel Crane Roberts George William Warren
 714 God of the Fertile Fields ITALIAN HYMN Georgia Harkness Felice de Giardini
 22 God of the Sparrow ROEDER Jaroslav J. Vajda Carl F. Schalk
 365 God Reigns! Let Earth Rejoice (Psalm 97) MARION Michael Morgan Arthur Henry Messiter
 412 God, Reveal Your Presence ARNSBERG Gerhard Tersteegen/trans. Frederick William Foster and John Miller Joachim Neander
 5 God the Sculptor of the Mountains JENNINGS-
John Thornburg Amanda Husberg
 303 God the Spirit, Guide and Guardian CHURCH UNITED Carl P. Daw, Jr. Alfred V. Fedak
 709 God, We Honor You ABUNDANT BLESSINGS James E. Clemens James E. Clemens
 787 God Weeps with Us Who Weep and Mourn MOSHIER Thomas H. Troeger Sally Ann Morris
 399 God Welcomes All THEMBA AMEN John L. Bell Trad. South African/trans. John L. Bell
 24 God, Who Stretched the Spangled Heavens HOLY MANNA Catherine Arnott Cameron Attr. William Moore/harm. Charles Anders
 716 God, Whose Giving Knows No Ending BEACH SPRING Robert L. Edwards The Sacred Harp, 1844
 272 God, You Rule with Royal Bearing (Psalm 93) BRYN CALFARIA John Keble William Owen
 23 God, You Spin the Whirling Planets PLEADING SAVIOR Jane Parker Huber American melody, 1830/harm. Richard Proulx
 690 God's Glory Fills the Heavens (Psalm 19) ST. PATRICK Carl P. Daw, Jr. Irish traditional hymn/arr. Charles Villiers Stanford
 40 God's Word Is Upright (Psalm 33) LA PALABRA DEL SEÑOR Jean Luis García/trans. Mary Louise Bringle Jean Luis García
 668 Golden Breaks the Dawn LE PING Tzu-chen Chao/para. Frank W. Price Te-ngai Hu
  Good Christian Friends, Rejoice IN DULCI JUBILO Medieval Latin/trans. and para. John Mason Neale German folk tune/harm. David Hugh Jones
  Good Christians All, Rejoice and Sing GELOBT SEI GOTT Cyril A. Alington Melchoir Vulpius
  Goodness Is Stronger than Evil GOODNESS IS STRONGER From An African Prayer Book, sel. by Desmond Tutu John L. Bell
  Gracious Spirit, Heed Our Pleading NJOO KWETU, ROHO MWEMA Wilson Niwagila/trans. Howard S. Olson Wilson Niwagila/arr. Egil Hovland
  Great Are You, Lord GREAT IS THE LORD Michael W. Smith and Deborah D. Smith Michael W. Smith and Deborah D. Smith
  Great God of Every Blessing AURELIA David Gambrell Samuel Sebastian Wesley
  Great Is Thy Faithfulness FAITHFULNESS Thomas Obediah Chisholm William Marion Runyan
  Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah CWM RHONDDA William Williams John Hughes
  Guide My Feet GUIDE MY FEET African American spiritual African American spiritual/harm. Wendell Whalum
  Hail Thee, Festival Day! SALVE FESTA DIES Venantius Honorius Fortunatus/trans. Lutheran Book of Worship Ralph Vaughan Williams
  Halle, Halle, Hallelujah HALLE Liturgical text/vers. Marty Haugen Caribbean traditional with additional music by Marty Haugen/arr. John L. Bell
  Hallelujah   Liturgical text Abraham Maraire
  Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Praise the Name of the Lord (Psalm 113) HALLELUJAH (Egypt) Boulos Boshra Boulos Boshra
  Hallelujah! Sing Praise to Your Creator (Psalm 148) NYANYIKANLAH NYANYIAN BARU Tilly Lubis (Indonesian)/David Diephouse (English) Trad. Batak melody/arr. H.A. Pandopo
  Hallelujah! We Sing Your Praises HALELUYA! PELO TSA RONA South African South African
  Hark! The Herald Angels Sing MENDELSSOHN Charles Wesley Felix Mendelssohn/arr. William Hayman Cummings
  Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Jesus, the Light of the World) WE'LL WALK IN THE LIGHT Charles Wesley (stanzas), George D. Elderkin (refrain) George D. Elderkin/harm. Evelyn Simpson-Curenton
  Have Mercy, God, upon My Life (Psalm 51) IRISH David Gambrell A Collection of Hymns and Sacred Poems, 1749
  He Came Down HE CAME DOWN Trad. Cameroon Trad. Cameroon; trans. and arr. by John Bell
  He Is King of Kings HE IS KING African American spiritual African American spiritual/arr. Joseph T. Jones/adapt. Melva Costen
  Healer of Our Every Ill HEALER OF OUR EVERY ILL Marty Haugen Marty Haugen
  Hear My Cry, O God, and Save Me! (Psalm 77) GENEVAN 77 Michael Morgan Genevan Psalter, 1551/arr. Alfred V. Fedak
  Hear My Prayer, O God (Psalm 143) HYMN CHANT Carl P. Daw, Jr. Hal H. Hopson
  Hear, O Lord, My Plea for Justice (Psalm 17) CHARLESTOWN Michael Morgan The United States Sacred Harmony, 1799/harm. Carlton R. Young
  Hear the Good News of Salvation (Wotanin waste nahon po) NETTLETON John B. Renville/trans. Emma Tibbets and vers. Jane Parker Huber Wyeth's Repository of Sacred Music
  Heaven Is Singing for Joy (El cielo canta alegría) ALEGRÍA Pablo Sosa Pablo Sosa
  Heaven Opened to Isaiah (Holy, Holy, You Are Holy) HOLY, HOLY, YOU ARE HOLY (Rwanda) Rwanda, author unknown/para. Greg Scheer Rwanda, composer unknown/arr. Greg Scheer
  Heaven Shall Not Wait HEAVEN SHALL NOT WAIT John L. Bell and Graham Maule John L. Bell
  Heleluyan We Are Singing HELELUYAN Muscogee (Creek)/vers. Brian Wren Traditional Muscogee (Creek)
  Help Us Accept Each Other BARONITA Fred Kaan Doreen Potter
  Here in This Place (Gather Us In) GATHER US IN Marty Haugen Marty Haugen
  Here, O Lord, Your Servants Gather TOKYO Tokuo Yamaguchi/trans. Everett M. Stowe Japanese gagaku mode, Isao Koizumi
  Here, O Our Lord, We See You Face to Face MORECAMBE Horatius Bonar Frederick Cook Atkinson
  Here on Jesus Christ I Will Stand KWAKE YESU NASIMAMA Trad. Kenya/English adapt. Greg Scheer Trad. Kenya/arr. Greg Scheer
  Ho, All Who Thirst (Come Now to the Water) JACOB'S WELL Alexander M. Peters Alexander M. Peters
  Holy God, We Praise Your Name GROSSER GOTT, WIR LOBEN DICH Attr. Ignaz Franz/trans. Clarence A. Walworth Allgemeines Katholisches Gesangbuch/alt. Schicht
  Holy, Holy (Poole)   Liturgical text David E. Poole
  Holy, Holy, Holy (Harling)   Liturgical text Per Harling
  Holy, Holy, Holy (Haugen)   Liturgical text Marty Haugen
  Holy, Holy, Holy (Santo, santo, santo) ARGENTINE SANTO Argentine traditional Argentine traditional
  Holy, Holy, Holy (Schubert)   Liturgical text Franz Schubert/adapt. Richard Proulx
  Holy, Holy, Holy (Vasile)   Liturgical text Paul M. Vasile
  Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy (Santo, santo, santo, santo) CUÉLLAR Guillermo Cuéllar/trans. Linda McCrae Guillermo Cuéllar
  Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord LAND OF REST Liturgical text American folk melody/adapt. Marcia Pruner
  Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord (Hopson)   Liturgical text Hal H. Hopson
  Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord (Oliver)   Liturgical text Curt Oliver
  Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord (Pavlechko)   Liturgical text Thomas Pavlechko
  Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord (Roberts)   Liturgical text Leon Roberts
  Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty! NICAEA Reginald Heber John Bacchus Dykes
  Holy Lamb of God YA HAMALALLAH Liturgical text Yusuf Khill
  Holy, Most Holy Lord (Sanna, sannanina) SANNANINA Liturgical text/para. Greg Scheer South Africa/arr. Greg Scheer
  Holy Spirit, Come to Us (Tui amoris ignem) TUI AMORIS IGNEM Taizé Community Jacques Berthier
  Holy Spirit, Come to Us (Veni Sancte Spiritus) VENI SANCTE SPIRITUS Adapt. Jacques Berthier Jacques Berthier
  Hope of the World DONNE SECOURS Georgia Harkness Genevan Psalter, 1551
  Hosanna, Loud Hosanna ELLACOMBE Jennette Threlfall Gesangbuch der Herzogl. Wirtembergischen…
  How Blest, Those Whose Transgressions (Psalm 32) MEIRIONYDD The Psalter, 1912, alt. Fred R. Anderson William Lloyd
  How Clear Is Our Vocation, Lord REPTON Fred Pratt Green C. Hubert H. Parry
  How Firm a Foundation FOUNDATION "K" in A Selection of Hymns, 1787 American folk melody; Funk's Genuine Church Music, 1832
  How Great Thou Art HOW GREAT THOU ART Carl Gustav Boberg/English version, Stuart K. Hine Swedish folk melody/harm. Stuart K. Hine
  How Happy Are the Saints of God (Psalm 1) WAREHAM David Gambrell William Knapp
  How Long, O Lord (Psalm 13) HOW LONG Barbara Woollett Christopher Norton
  How Long, O Lord, Will My Prayers Be in Vain? LAND OF MERCY Barbara Hamm Barbara Hamm
  How Lovely, Lord (Psalm 84) MERLE'S TUNE Arlo D. Duba Hal H. Hopson
  How Our Hearts with Joy Abound (Psalm 45) GOTT SEI DANK DURCH ALLE WELT Michael Morgan Freylinghausen's Geistreiches Gesangbuch
  How Very Good and Pleasant (Psalm 133) HOW VERY GOOD Barbara Boertje Barbara Boertje
  I Am the Bread of Life I AM THE BREAD Suzanne Toolan, RSM Suzanne Toolan, RSM
  I Believe in God the Father GENEVAN 42 David Gambrell Genevan Psalter, 1551
  I Bind unto Myself Today ST. PATRICK'S BREASTPLATE Attr. Patrick/para. Cecil Frances Alexander Irish melody
  I Call, O Lord, on You (Psalm 141) ST. BRIDE James Quinn, SJ Samuel Howard
  I Come with Joy DOVE OF PEACE Brian Wren American folk melody/arr. Austin C. Lovelace
  I Danced in the Morning SIMPLE GIFTS Sydney Carter American Shaker melody/harm. Sydney Carter
  I Depend Upon Your Faithfulness (Tú fidelidad) TÚ FIDELIDAD Miguel Cassina/trans. Andrew Donaldson Miguel Cassina/arr. Andrew Donaldson
  I Greet Thee, Who My Sure Redeemer Art TOULON Attr. John Calvin; French Psalter, 1545/trans. Elizabeth Lee Smith Adapt. from Genevan 124/Genevan Psalter, 1551
  I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say KINGSFOLD Horatius Bonar English Country Songs, 1893/arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams
  I Long for Your Commandments (Psalm 119) WOHL DENEN, DIE DA WANDELN Jean Janzen Heinrich Schütz
  I Love the Lord, Who Heard My Cry (Psalm 116) I LOVE THE LORD Isaac Watts African American spiritual/arr. Richard Smallwood
  I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord ST. THOMAS Timothy Dwight The Universal Psalmodist/ adapt. Aaron Williams
  I Love to Tell the Story HANKEY Katherine Hankey William G. Fischer
  I Love You, Lord I LOVE YOU, LORD Laurie Klein Laurie Klein
  I Need Thee Every Hour NEED Annie S. Hawks, Refrain by Robert Lowry Robert Lowry
  I Rejoiced When I Heard Them Say (Psalm 122) ENGLAND Bernadette Farrell Bernadette Farrell
  I Sing a Song of the Saints of God GRAND ISLE Lesbia Scott John Henry Hopkins, Jr.
  I Sing the Mighty Power of God ELLACOMBE Isaac Watts Gesangbuch der Herzogl. Wirtembergischen…
  I, the Lord of Sea and Sky (Here I Am, Lord) HERE I AM (Schutte) Daniel L. Schutte Daniel L. Schutte/arr. Alfred V. Fedak
  I to the Hills Will Lift My Eyes (Psalm 121) DUNDEE The Psalter, 1912 Scottish Psalter, 1615
  I Waited Patiently for God (Psalm 40) LEWIS-TOWN The Iona Community William Billings
  I Want Jesus to Walk with Me WALK WITH ME African American spiritual African American spiritual
  I Want to Be as Close to You DAVIDSON Delores Dufner, OSB Hal H. Hopson
  I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light HOUSTON Kathleen Thomerson Kathleen Thomerson
  I Was There to Hear Your Borning Cry WATERLIFE John Ylvisaker John Ylvisaker
  I Will Call upon the Lord (Psalm 18) I WILL CALL Michael O'Shields Michael O'Shields
  I Will Come to You in the Silence (You Are Mine) YOU ARE MINE David Haas David Haas
  I Will Exalt My God, My King (Te exaltaré, mi Dios, mi Rey) (Psalm 145) TE EXALTARÉ, MI DIOS Casiodoro Cárdenas/st. 1 trans. composite; st. 2 trans. Mary Louise Bringle Casiodoro Cárdenas/arr. Raquel Mora Martinez
  If Thou but Trust in God to Guide Thee WER NUR DEN LIEBEN GOTT Georg Neumark/trans. Catherine Winkworth Georg Neumark
  If You Only Had Faith SI TUVIERAS FE Spanish Caribbean Pentecostal Chorus/trans. Pablo Sosa Spanish Caribbean Pentecostal Chorus/trans. Jorge Lockward
  I'll Praise My Maker (Psalm 146) OLD 113TH Isaac Watts/adapt. John Wesley Attr. Matthäus Greiter/harm. V. Earle Copes
  I'm Gonna Eat at the Welcome Table WELCOME TABLE African American spiritual African American spiritual/arr. Carl Ditson
  I'm Gonna Live So God Can Use Me I'M GONNA LIVE African American spiritual African American spiritual/arr. Wendell Whalum
  Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise ST. DENIO Walter Chalmers Smith Welsh folk melody
  In a Deep, Unbounded Darkness CORONAE Chinese/para. Mary Louise Bringle William H. Monk
  In an Age of Twisted Values CHURCH UNITED Martin E. Leckebusch Alfred V. Fedak
  In Bethlehem a Newborn Boy IN BETHLEHEM Rosamond E. Herklots Wilbur Held
  In Christ Called to Baptize ST. DENIO Ruth C. Duck Welsh trad./arr. John Roberts
  In Christ There Is No East or West MC KEE John Oxenham African American spiritual/adapt. Harry T. Burleigh
  In Christ There Is No East or West ST. PETER John Oxenham Alexander Robert Reinagle
  In Deepest Night ROSE MARY Susan Palo Cherwien David Schwoebel
  In God Alone (Mon âme se repose) MON ÂME SE REPOSE Taizé Community Jacques Berthier
  In My Life (Lord, Be Glorified) LORD, BE GLORIFIED Bob Kilpatrick Bob Kilpatrick
  In Remembrance of Me RED Ragan Courtney Buryl Red
  In Silence My Soul Thirsts (Psalm 62) MY SOUL THIRSTS Sheldon W. Sorge and Tammy Wiens Sheldon W. Sorge
  In the Bleak Midwinter CRANHAM Christina Rossetti Gustav Theodore Holst
  In the Bulb There Is a Flower (Hymn of Promise) PROMISE Natalie Sleeth Natalie Sleeth
  In the Cross of Christ I Glory RATHBUN John Bowring Ithamar Conkey
  In the Darkness of the Morning KAS DZIEDAJA Adam M.L. Tice Latvian folk melody/arr. Robert J. Batastini
  In the Heavens Shone a Star IN THE HEAVENS Jonathan Malicsi and Ellsworth Chandlee Kalinga trad. melody/arr. Joel Navarro
  In the Lord I'll Be Ever Thankful IN THE LORD I'LL BE EVER THANKFUL Jacques Berthier Jacques Berthier
  In the Midst of New Dimensions NEW DIMENSIONS Julian B. Rush Julian B. Rush
  In the Presence of Your People (Psalm 22) CELEBRATION st. 1 Brent Chambers/sts. 2–3 Bert Polman Brent Chambers
  In the Singing BREAD OF PEACE Shirley Erena Murray Carlton R. Young
  Incline Your Ear, O Lord, to Me (Psalm 86) DANBY Michael Morgan English folk melody/harm. Arthur Hutchings
  Infant Holy, Infant Lowly W ZLOBIE LEZY Polish carol/trans. and para. Edith M.G. Reed Polish carol/harm. A.E. Rusbridge
  Isaiah the Prophet Has Written of Old SAMANTHRA Joy F. Patterson American folk melody/arr. Alice Parker, Robert Shaw
  It Came upon the Midnight Clear CAROL Edmund Hamilton Sears Richard Storrs Willis
  It Is Good to Sing Your Praises (Psalm 92) ELLESDIE The Psalter, 1912 J. Leavitt's Christian Lyre, 1831
  I've Got Peace like a River PEACE LIKE A RIVER African American spiritual African American spiritual
  Jesu, Jesu, Fill Us with Your Love CHEREPONI Ghanaian folk song/trans. Tom Colvin Ghanaian folk melody/adapt. Tom Colvin/arr. Jane Marshall
  Jesus Calls Us GALILEE Cecil Frances Alexander William H. Jude
  Jesus Christ Is Risen Today EASTER HYMN Lyra Davidica and Charles Wesley Lyra Davidica, adapt. from The Compleat Psalmodist, 1749
  Jesus Entered Egypt KING'S WESTON Adam M.L. Tice Ralph Vaughan Williams
  Jesus, Jesus, Oh, What a Wonderful Child WONDERFUL CHILD African American traditional African American traditional/arr. Jeffrey Radford
  Jesus Knows the Inmost Heart LOE DE ÍSÁ Alison Blenkinsop (from the Pashto) unknown/arr. Geoff Weaver
  Jesus, Light of Joy LAUDA ANIMA David Gambrell John Goss
  Jesus, Lover of My Soul ABERYSTWYTH Charles Wesley Joseph Parry
  Jesus Loves Me JESUS LOVES ME Anna Bartlett Warner William Batchelder Bradbury
  Jesus, Priceless Treasure JESU, MEINE FREUDE Johann Franck/trans. Catherine Winkworth Johann Crüger/harm. Johann Sebastian Bach
  Jesus, Remember Me JESUS, REMEMBER ME Taizé Community Jacques Berthier
  Jesus, Savior, Lord, Now to You I Come (Saranam, saranam) SARANAM D.T. Niles Punjabi melody/arr. Geoff Weaver
  Jesus Shall Reign Where'er the Sun DUKE STREET Isaac Watts John Hatton
  Jesus, Take Us to the Mountain UNSER HERRSCHER Jaroslav J. Vajda Joachim Neander/harm. The Chorale Book for England, 1863
  Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee ST. AGNES Attr. Bernard of Clairvaux/trans. Edward Caswall John Bacchus Dykes
  Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts QUEBEC Attr. Bernard of Clairvaux/trans. Ray Palmer Henry Baker
  Jesus, Thy Boundless Love to Me ST. CATHERINE Paul Gerhardt/trans. John Wesley Henri Frederick Hemy/alt. James George Walton
  Jesus, We Are Here (Jesu, tawa pano) JESU, TAWA PANO Patrick Matsikenyiri Patrick Matsikenyiri
  Joy to the World ANTIOCH Isaac Watts Attr. George Frederick Handel/arr. Lowell Mason
  Joy to the World RICHMOND Isaac Watts Thomas Haweis/adapt. Samuel Webbe, Jr.
  Joyful Is the Dark LINDNER Brian Wren Carlton R. Young
  Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee HYMN TO JOY Henry van Dyke Ludwig van Beethoven/adapt. Edward Hodges
  Judge Eternal, Throned in Splendor RHUDDLAN Henry Scott Holland Welsh trad.
  Just a Closer Walk with Thee CLOSER WALK North American traditional North American traditional
  Just as I Am, without One Plea WOODWORTH Charlotte Elliott William Batchelder Bradbury
  Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning KEEP YOUR LAMPS African American spiritual African American spiritual
  Know That God Is Good MUNGU NI MWEMA Democratic Republic of Congo Democratic Republic of Congo/arr. Edo Bumba
  Kum ba Yah KUM BA YAH African American spiritual African American spiritual
  Lamb of God (Farlee)   Liturgical text Robert Buckley Farlee
  Lamb of God (Vasile)   Liturgical text Paul M. Vasile
  Lead Me, Guide Me LEAD ME, GUIDE ME Doris M. Akers Doris M. Akers/harm. Richard Smallwood
  Lead On, O King Eternal LANCASHIRE Ernest W. Shurtleff Henry Thomas Smart
  Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence PICARDY Liturgy of St. James/trans. Gerard Moultrie French carol/harm. The English Hymnal, 1906
  Let All the World in Every Corner Sing AUGUSTINE George Herbert Erik Routley
  Let All Things Now Living ASH GROVE Katherine K. David Welsh folk melody
  Let the Whole Creation Cry SALZBURG Stopford A. Brooke Jacob Hintze/harm. Johann Sebastian Bach
  Let Us Break Bread Together LET US BREAK BREAD African American spiritual African American spiritual/arr. Melva W. Costen
  Let Us Build a House Where Love Can Dwell (All Are Welcome) TWO OAKS Marty Haugen Marty Haugen
  Let Us Come to Worship God HI-A-O-HO-I-AN I-to Loh Trad. tribal melody, Taiwan
  Let Us Talents and Tongues Employ LINSTEAD Fred Kaan Jamaican folk melody/adapt. Doreen Potter
  Let Us with a Gladsome Mind (Psalm 136) MONKLAND John Milton Freylinghausen's Geistreiches Gesangbuch
  Let's Sing unto the Lord (Cantemos al Señor) CANTEMOS AL SEÑOR Carlos Rosas/trans. Roberto Escamilla, Elise S. Eslinger, and George Lockwood Carlos Rosas/arr. Raquel Mora Martinez
  Lift Every Voice and Sing LIFE EVERY VOICE James Weldon Johnson J. Rosamond Johnson
  Lift High the Cross CRUCIFER George William Kitchin/rev. Michael Robert Newbolt Sidney Hugo Nicholson
  Lift Up the Gates Eternal (Psalm 24) ISRAELI Arlo D. Duba/refrain Willard F. Jabusch Israeli folk melody/arr. Alfred V. Fedak
  Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates TRURO Georg Weissel/trans. Catherine Winkworth Thomas Williams/harm. Lowell Mason
  Light Dawns on a Weary World TEMPLE OF PEACE Mary Louise Bringle William P. Rowan
  Light One Candle to Watch for Messiah TIF IN VELDELE Wayne L. Wold Yiddish folk tune
  Like a Mother Who Has Borne Us AUSTIN Daniel Bechtel William P. Rowan
  Like the Murmur of the Dove's Song BRIDEGROOM Carl P. Daw, Jr. Peter Cutts
  Listen, God Is Calling NENO LAKE MUNGU Tanzanian trad./trans. Howard S. Olson Tanzanian tune/arr. Austin C. Lovelace
  Listen to the Word Which God Has Spoken LISTEN Canadian original, adapted Canadian original, adapted
  Live in Charity (Ubi caritas) UBI CARITAS (Taizé) 9th c. Latin Jacques Berthier and the Taizé Community
  Live into Hope TRURO Jane Parker Huber Thomas Williams/harm. Lowell Mason
  Lo, He Comes with Clouds Descending HELMSLEY Charles Wesley Thomas Olivers/harm. Ralph Vaughan Williams
  Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming ES IST EIN' ROS German carol/trans. Theodore Baker Alte Catholische Geistliche Kirchengesäng/arr. Michael Praetorius
  Loaves Were Broken, Words Were Spoken BEACH SPRING Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr. The Sacred Harp
  Lonely the Boat BAI Helen Kim/trans. Hae Jong Kim/vers. Hope C. Kawashima Dong Hoon Lee
  Longing for Light, We Wait in Darkness (Christ, Be Our Light) CHRIST, BE OUR LIGHT Bernadette Farrell Bernadette Farrell
  Look Who Gathers at Christ's Table! COPELAND Thomas H. Troeger Michael Corzine
  Lord, Bid Your Servant Go in Peace (Song of Simeon) LAND OF REST James Quinn American folk melody/arr. Annabel Morris Buchanan
  Lord, Dismiss Us with Your Blessing SICILIAN MARINERS Attr. John Fawcett Sicilian melody
  Lord, Have Mercy   Liturgical text Swee Hong Lim
  Lord, Have Mercy   Liturgical text Dinah Reindorf/arr. Sing! A New Creation, 2001
  Lord, Have Mercy LAND OF REST Liturgical text Early American folk tune/adapt. Marcia Pruner
  Lord, Have Mercy (Hopson)   Liturgical text Hal H. Hopson
  Lord, Have Mercy (Russian)   Liturgical text Russian Orthodox traditional
  Lord, Have Mercy upon Us   Liturgical text J. Christopher Pardini
  Lord, I Want to Be a Christian I WANT TO BE A CHRISTIAN African American spiritual African American spiritual
  Lord Jesus, Think on Me SOUTHWELL Synesius of Cyrene/trans. Allen W. Chatfield Daman's Psalmes, 1579
  Lord Jesus, You Shall Be My Song (Jésus, je voudrais te chanter) LES PETITES SOEURS Les Petites Soeurs de Jésus and L'Arche Community/trans. Stephen Somerville Les Petites Soeurs de Jésus and L'Arche Community
  Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying CHILDREN PRAYING Ken Medema Ken Medema
  Lord, Make Us More Holy LORD, MAKE US MORE HOLY African American spiritual African American spiritual
  Lord of All Good TOULON Albert F. Bayly Genevan Psalter, 1551/adapt. from Genevan 124
  Lord of All Hopefulness COURTNEY Jan Struther David Schwoebel
  Lord, Prepare Me (Sanctuary) SANCTUARY John Thompson and Randy Scruggs John Thompson and Randy Scruggs
  Lord, Speak for Me, for I Am Yours (Psalm 26) PERRY Marie J. Post Leo Sowerby
  Lord, Speak for Me, That I May Speak CANONBURY Frances Ridley Havergal Robert Schumann
  Lord, to You My Soul Is Lifted (Psalm 25) GENEVAN 25 Stanley Wiersma Louis Bourgeois/harm. Howard Slenk
  Lord, We Have Come at Your Own Invitation O QUANTA QUALIA Fred Pratt Green Paris Antiphoner, 1681
  Lord, We Thank You for This Food MOTOMASE I-to Loh Adapt. from Brunun melody, Taiwan
  Lord, When I Came into This Life LAND OF REST Fred Kaan American folk melody/adapt. Annabel Morris Buchanan/harm. Charles H. Webb
  Lord, Who May Dwell within Your House (Psalm 15) RIDGEMOOR Christopher L. Webber Roy Hopp
  Lord, Who throughout These Forty Days ST. FLAVIAN Claudia F.I. Hernaman Day's Psalter, 1562
  Lord, Why Have You Forsaken Me (Psalm 22) DISTRESS Christopher L. Webber W. Walker, Southern Harmony, 1835
  Lord, You Give the Great Commission ABBOT'S LEIGH Jeffrey W. Rowthorn Cyril Vincent Taylor
  Love Divine, All Loves Excelling HYFRYDOL Charles Wesley Rowland Hugh Prichard
  Love Has Come BRING A TORCH Ken Bible Trad. French
  Love the Lord Your God GREAT COMMANDMENT Jean and Jim Strathdee Jean and Jim Strathdee
  Loving Spirit OMNI DIE Shirley Erena Murray Corner's Gross Catholisch Gesangbuch/arr. William Smith Rockstro
  Make a Joyful Noise to God (Psalm 66) DIX Michael Morgan Conrad Kocher/abr. William Henry Monk
  Make Me a Channel of Your Peace PRAYER OF ST. FRANCIS Prayer of St. Francis/adapt. Sebastian Temple Sebastian Temple
  Make Your Face to Shine (Haz resplandecer tu rostro) (Psalm 31) GLÁUCIA Jay Wilkey Jay Wilkey
  Many and Great, O God, Are Thy Works LACQUIPARLE Dakota hymn/Joseph R. Renville Native American melody/adapt. Joseph Renville
  Mary and Joseph Came to the Temple EVENING HYMN Andrew Pratt David Haas
  May God Support You All Your Days (Psalm 20) DICKINSON COLLEGE David Gambrell Lee Hastings Bristol, Jr.
  May the God of Hope Go with Us (Canto de esperanza) ARGENTINA Alvin Schutmaat Argentine folk melody
  May the Love of the Lord WEI YUAN SHEN DI AI Maria Ling Poh Swee Hong Lim
  Men of Faith, Rise Up and Sing (Shout to the North) SMITH Martin Smith Martin Smith
  Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory BATTLE HYMN Julia W. Howe Attr. to William Steffe
  More Love to Thee, O Christ MORE LOVE TO THEE Elizabeth Payson Prentiss William Howard Doane
  Morning Has Broken BUNESSAN Eleanor Farjeon Gaelic melody/arr. Dale Grotenhuis
  Mothering God, You Gave Me Birth NORWICH Jean Janzen/based on Julian of Norwich Carolyn Jennings
  My Country, 'Tis of Thee AMERICA Samuel Francis Smith Thesaurus Musicus, London
  My Faith Looks Up to Thee OLIVET Ray Palmer Lowell Mason
  My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less SOLID ROCK Edward Mote William Batchelder Bradbury
  My Life Flows On (How Can I Keep from Singing) HOW CAN I KEEP FROM SINGING Robert Lowry Robert Lowry
  My Lord! What a Morning! MY LORD, WHAT A MORNING African American spiritual African American spiritual/arr. Melva W. Costen
  My Shepherd Will Supply My Need (Psalm 23) RESIGNATION Isaac Watts Walker's Southern Harmony, 1835/harm. Dale Grotenhuis
  My Song Forever Shall Record (Psalm 89) PUER NOBIS NASCITUR The Psalter, 1912 Trier ms. 15th c./adapt. Michael Praetorius
  My Song Is Love Unknown LOVE UNKNOWN Samuel Crossman John Ireland
  My Soul Cries Out with a Joyful Shout (Canticle of the Turning) STAR OF COUNTY DOWN Rory Cooney Irish Traditional
  My Soul Gives Glory to My God (Song of Mary) MORNING SONG Miriam Therese Winter Wyeth's Repository of Sacred Music/harm. C. Winfred Douglas
  My Soul Is at Rest (Psalm 62) MY SOUL IS AT REST Taizé Community Jacques Berthier
  New Songs of Celebration Render (Psalm 98) RENDEZ À DIEU Erik Routley Louis Bourgeois
  No Wind at the Window COLUMCILLE John L. Bell Irish Traditional/arr. John L. Bell
  Nothing Can Trouble (Nada te turbe) NADA TE TURBE St. Teresa de Jesús; Taizé Community Jacques Berthier
  Now Go in Joy JUNKANOO Mary Louise Bringle Caribbean folk tune
  Now Thank We All Our God NUN DANKET ALLE GOTT Martin Rinkart/trans. Catherine Winkworth Johann Crüger/arr. Felix Mendelssohn
  Now the Green Blade Rises NOËL NOUVELET John MacLeod Campbell Crum French carol/harm. Martin F. Shaw
  Now the Heavens Start to Whisper JEFFERSON Mary Louise Bringle Alexander Johnson's Tennessee Harmony, 1818
  Now the Silence NOW Jaroslav J. Vajda Carl F. Schalk
  Now There Is No Male or Female OMNI DIE Lynette Miller Gesangbuch, Trier 1695
  O Beautiful for Spacious Skies MATERNA Katharine Lee Bates Samuel Augustus Ward
  O Beauty Ever Ancient ANCIENT BEAUTY Shirley Erena Murray Alfred V. Fedak
  O Blest Are They Who in Their Love (Psalm 41) GUILSBOROUGH Michael Morgan Thurlow Weed
  O Carpenter, Why Leave the Bench LEWIS-TOWN Richard Leach William Billings
  O Christ, the Great Foundation AURELIA Timothy T'ingfang Lew/trans. Mildred A. Wiant Samuel Sebastian Wesley
  O Christ, the Healer ERHALT UNS, HERR Fred Pratt Green Klug's Geistliche Lieder/harm. Johann Sebastian Bach
  O Come, All Ye Faithful ADESTE FIDELES John Francis Wade/trans. Frederick Oakeley John Francis Wade
  O Come and Sing unto the Lord (Psalm 95) IRISH The Psalter, 1912 A Collection of Hymns and Sacred Poems, 1749
  O Come, O Come, Emmanuel VENI EMMANUEL Latin, c. 12th c./trans. various Plainchant/adapt. Thomas Helmore/accomp. John Weaver
  O Come unto the Lord KOREA Young tāik Chun/trans. Steve S. Shim Chai Hoon Park
  O Day of Joy and Wonder! JONATHAN'S TUNE Violet Nita Buchanan Hal H. Hopson
  O Day of Peace JERUSALEM Carl P. Daw, Jr. C. Hubert H. Parry/harm. Richard Proulx
  O Day of Radiant Gladness ES FLOG EIN KLEINS WALDVÖGELEIN Christopher Wordsworth and Charles P. Price Memmingen ms. 17th c.
  O for a Closer Walk with God CAITHNESS William Cowper Scottish Psalter, 1615
  O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing AZMON Charles Wesley Carl Gotthelf Gläser/arr. Lowell Mason
  O for a World AZMON Miriam Therese Winter Carl Gotthelf Gläser/arr. Lowell Mason
  O Gladsome Light LE CANTIQUE DE SIMÉON Phos Hilaron, 3rd c./paraphrased by Robert Seymour Bridges Genevan Psalter, 1551/harm. Claude Goudimel
  O God, Be Gracious (Psalm 4) TALLIS ORDINAL David Gambrell Thomas Tallis
  O God, in a Mysterious Way DUNDEE Alt. William Cowper Scottish Psalter, 1615
  O God in Whom All Life Begins NOEL Carl P. Daw, Jr. English melody/arr. Arthur S. Sullivan
  O God of Every Nation LLANGLOFFAN William W. Reid, Jr. Welsh folk melody
  O God, Show Mercy to Us (Psalm 67) THAXTED Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America Gustav Holst/harm. composite
  O God, We Bear the Imprint of Your Face TODOS LOS COLORES Shirley Erena Murray Margaret R. Tucker
  O God, Who Gives Us Life NOEL Carl P. Daw, Jr. Trad. English melody/arr. Arthur S. Sullivan
  O God, You Are My God (Step by Step) STEP BY STEP Beaker Beaker
  O God, You Are My God Alone (Psalm 63) GRATUS The Iona Community Mary Kay Beall
  O God, You Search Me (Psalm 139) O GOD, YOU SEARCH ME Bernadette Farrell Bernadette Farrell
  O Hear Our Cry, O Lord (Psalm 80) VINEYARD HAVEN Fred R. Anderson Richard Wayne Dirksen
  O Holy City, Seen of John MORNING SONG Walter Russell Bowie Wyeth's Repository of Sacred Music/harm. C. Winfred Douglas
  O Jesus, I Have Promised ANGEL'S STORY John Ernest Bode Arthur Henry Mann
  O Jesus, I Have Promised NYLAND John Ernest Bode Finnish folk melody/adapt. and harm. David Evans
  O Lamb of God LAND OF REST Liturgical text Early American folk tune/arr. Richard Proulx
  O Little Town of Bethlehem ST. LOUIS Phillips Brooks Lewis Henry Redner
  O Look and Wonder (¡Miren qué bueno!) (Psalm 133) MIREN QUÉ BUENO Pablo Sosa Pablo Sosa
  O Lord, Have Mercy (Oré poriajú verekó) ORÉ PORIAJÚ VEREKÓ Liturgical text Guarani Kyrie, Paraguay/harm. Carlton R. Young
  O Lord, Hear My Prayer HEAR MY PRAYER Jacques Berthier Jacques Berthier
  O Lord, How Shall I Meet You? VALET WILL ICH DIR GEBEN Paul Gerhardt/trans. Catherine Winkworth and others Melchoir Teschner/harm. William Henry Monk
  O Lord, Our God, How Excellent (Psalm 8) WINCHESTER OLD Fred R. Anderson Este's Psalmes, 1592
  O Lord, Our Lord, How Majestic Is Your Name (How Majestic Is Your Name) HOW MAJESTIC Michael W. Smith Michael W. Smith
  O Lord, You Are My God and King (Psalm 145) JERUSALEM The Psalter, 1912 C. Hubert H. Parry/harm. Richard Proulx
  O Love, How Deep, How Broad, How High DEO GRACIAS Attr. Thomas À Kempis/trans. Benjamin Webb and John Mason Neale "The Agincourt Song"/harm. Alfred V. Fedak
  O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go ST. MARGARET George Matheson Albert Lister Peace
  O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee MARYTON Washington Gladden Henry Percy Smith
  O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright WIE SCHÖN LEUCHTET Philipp Nicolai/alt. Johann Adolf Schlegel/trans. Catherine Winkworth Philipp Nicolai/harm. Johann Sebastian Bach
  O My Soul, Bless Your Redeemer (Psalm 103) STUTTGART Para. in The Book of Psalms, 1871 Witt's Psalmodia Sacra, 1715
  O Radiant Light, O Sun Divine CONDITOR ALME SIDERUM Phos Hilaron, 3rd c./trans. William G. Storey Sarum Plainsong/harm. C. Winfred Douglas
  O Sacred Head, Now Wounded PASSION CHORALE Attr. Bernard of Clairvaux/trans. James Waddell Alexander Hans Leo Hassler/harm. Johann Sebastian Bach
  O Save Me, God, and Hear My Cry (Psalm 54) DETROIT Michael Morgan Supplement to Kentucky Harmony, 1820/harm. Margaret W. Mealy
  O Savior, in This Quiet Place ST. STEPHEN Fred Pratt Green William Jones
  O Sing a New Song (Psalm 96) O SING A NEW SONG Helen L. Wright Hal H. Hopson
  O Sing a New Song to the Lord (Psalm 96) GONFALON ROYAL Charles H. Gabriel Percy C. Buck
  O Sing a Song of Bethlehem KINGSFOLD Louis FitzGerald Benson English Country Songs, 1893/arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams
  O Sing to the Lord (Cantai ao Senhor) CANTAI AO SENHOR Brazilian folk song/trans. Gerhard M. Cartford Brazilian folk song
  O Sons and Daughters, Let Us Sing O FILII ET FILIAE Attr. Jean Tisserand/trans. John Mason Neale French tune, 15th c.
  O Splendor of God's Glory Bright PUER NOBIS NASCITUR Ambrose of Milan/trans. composite Trier ms., 15th c./adapt. Michael Praetorius
  O That I Had a Thousand Voices O DASS ICH TAUSEND ZUNG HÄTTE Johann Mentzer Attr. Johann Balthasar König
  O Wondrous Sight, O Vision Fair DEO GRACIAS Trans. John Mason Neale "The Agincourt Song," England, c. 1415
  O Word of God Incarnate MUNICH William Walsham How Neuvermehrtes Meiningisches Gesangbuch/adapt. F. Mendelssohn
  O, Worship the King, All Glorious Above! LYONS Robert Grant Attr. Johann Michael Haydn
  Of the Father's Love Begotten DIVINUM MYSTERIUM Aurelius Clemens Prudentius/trans. John Mason Neale, Henry Williams Baker Plainsong/harm. C. Winfred Douglas
  On a Barren Hilltop KING'S WESTON Christopher L. Webber Ralph Vaughan Williams
  On Christmas Night All Christians Sing SUSSEX CAROL English trad. after Luke Wadding English trad. melody/arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams
  On Jordan's Bank the Baptist's Cry WINCHESTER NEW Charles Coffin/trans. John Chandler Musikalisches Handbuch/harm. William Henry Monk
  On Pentecost They Gathered MUNICH Jane Parker Huber Neuvermehrtes Meiningisches Gesangbuch/adapt. F. Mendelssohn
  On This Day Earth Shall Ring PERSONENT HODIE Piae Cantiones/trans. Jane Marion Joseph Piae Cantiones/arr. Gustav Theodore Holst
  Once in Royal David's City IRBY Cecil Frances Alexander Henry John Gauntlett/harm. Arthur Henry Mann
  One Bread, One Body ONE BREAD, ONE BODY John Foley, S.J. John Foley, S.J.
  Open My Eyes That I May See OPEN MY EYES Clara H. Scott Clara H. Scott
  Open Now Thy Gates of Beauty UNSER HERRSCHER Benjamin Schmolck/trans. Catherine Winkworth Joachim Neander/harm. The Chorale Book for England, 1863
  Open the Eyes of My Heart OPEN THE EYES Paul Baloche Paul Baloche
  Open Your Ears, O Faithful People YISRAEL V'ORAITA Hasidic traditional/English version, Willard F. Jabusch Hasidic tune
  Open Your Mouth and Praise the Lord OPEN YOUR MOUTH (Yoruba) Godwin Sadoh Yoruba folk song/adapt. Godwin Sadoh
  Our Darkness Is Never Darkness in Your Sight LA TÉNÈBRE Taizé Community Jacques Berthier
  Our Father, Which Art in Heaven WEST INDIAN Liturgical text West Indian folk melody/trans. Olive Pattison/harm. 1990 Presbyterian Hymnal
  Our God Is an Awesome God (Awesome God) AWESOME GOD Rich Mullins Rich Mullins
  Our God, Our Help in Ages Past (Psalm 90) ST. ANNE Isaac Watts Attr. William Croft
  Our Help Is in the Name of God the Lord (Psalm 124) OLD 124TH Martin Tel Genevan Psalter, 1551
  Our Hope, Our Life (Psalm 49) O WALY WALY Martin E. Leckebusch English folk melody/harm. John Weaver
  Out of Deep, Unordered Water RUSTINGTON Fred Kaan C. Hubert H. Parry
  Out of the Depths I Cry to You (Psalm 130) AUS TIEFER NOT Martin Luther/trans. composite Martin Luther/harm. Johaan Sebastian Bach
  Peace of God Be with You AS-SALAAMU LAKUM Arabic Traditional greeting Richard Bruxvoort Colligan
  People, Look East BESANÇON Eleanor Farjeon French folk melody/harm. Martin Shaw
  People of the Lord (Psalm 78) JENNY VAN TSCHEGG Greg Scheer Greg Scheer
  Peoples, Clap Your Hands! (Psalm 47) GENEVAN 47 Joy F. Patterson Genevan Psalter, 1551/harm. Claude Goudimel
  Praise God, All You Nations (Da n'ase) (Psalm 117) DA N'ASE Paraphrase of Psalm 117 Trad. Ghanaian
  Praise God for This Holy Ground HEYMONYSTRAAT John L. Bell John L. Bell
  Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow (Ken) OLD HUNDREDTH Thomas Ken Genevan Psalter, 1551
  Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow (Weatherhogg) OLD HUNDREDTH Neil Weatherhogg Genevan Psalter, 1551
  Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow (Weatherhogg) PRAISE GOD (Hopson) Neil Weatherhogg Hal H. Hopson
  Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow (Wren) LASST UNS ERFREUEN Brian Wren Geistliche Kirchengesäng/harm. Hal H. Hopson
  Praise God, I Will Praise You, Lord JE LOUERAI L'ETERNEL Claude Frayssé/trans. Kenneth I. Morse Claude Frayssé
  Praise, My Soul, the God of Heaven LAUDA ANIMA Henry Francis Lyte/adapt. Ecumenical Women's Center John Goss
  Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven LAUDA ANIMA Henry Francis Lyte John Goss
  Praise, Praise, Praise the Lord! LOUEZ LE SEIGNEUR Trad. Cameroon Cameroon processional/arr. Ralph M. Johnson
  Praise the Lord, God's Glories Show LLANFAIR Henry Francis Lyte Robert Williams/harm. David Evans
  Praise to God the Father DA N'ASE Liturgical text Trad. Ghanaian
  Praise to the Lord PRAISE TO THE LORD Sung Mo Moon and Sung Won Park/trans. Edward Poitras Sung Mo Moon
  Praise Ye the Lord (Psalm 150) CLEVELAND J. Jefferson Cleveland J. Jefferson Cleveland
  Praise Ye the Lord, the Almighty LOBE DEN HERREN Joachim Neander/trans. Catherine Winkworth Stralsund Ernewerten Gesangbuch
  Precious Lord, Take My Hand PRECIOUS LORD Thomas A. Dorsey George N. Allen/arr. Thomas A. Dorsey
  Prepare the Way, O Zion BEREDEN VÄG FÖR HERRAN Frans Mikael Franzen/adapt. Charles P. Price Then Swenska Psalmboken/arr. American Lutheran Hymnal
  Prepare the Way of the Lord PREPARE THE WAY Taizé Community Jacques Berthier
  Rain Down RAIN DOWN Jaime Cortez Jaime Cortez/arr. John Carter
  Raise a Song of Gladness JUBILATE DEO Taizé Community Jacques Berthier
  Rejected and Despised CARDINAL Mary Louise Bringle William Rowan
  Rejoice in God's Saints OLD 104TH Fred Pratt Green Ravenscroft's Psalter, 1621/arr. Alfred V. Fedak
  Rejoice! Rejoice, Believers LLANGLOFFAN Laurentius Laurenti/trans. Sarah Borthwick Findlater Welsh folk melody
  Rejoice, the Lord is King DARWALL'S 148TH Charles Wesley John Darwall
  Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart! MARION Edward Hayes Plumptre Arthur Henry Messiter
  Remember Not, O God (Psalm 79) SOUTHWELL The Psalter, 1912 Daman's Psalmes, 1579
  Restore in Us, O God BAYLOR Carl P. Daw, Jr. Hal H. Hopson
  Ride On! Ride On in Majesty! ST. DROSTANE Henry Hart Milman John Bacchus Dykes
  Rise, O Church, like Christ Arisen SURGE ECCLESIA Susan Palo Cherwien Timothy J. Strand
  Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me TOPLADY Augustus M. Toplady Thomas Hastings
  Sacred the Body TENDERNESS Ruth C. Duck Colin Gibson
  Save Me, O God; I Sink in Floods (Psalm 69) SALVATION Marie J. Post Kentucky Harmony, 1816
  Savior, like a Shepherd Lead Us BRADBURY Thrupp's Hymns for the Young, 1836 William Batchelder Bradbury
  Savior of the Nations, Come NUN KOMM, DER HEIDEN HEILAND Attr. Ambrose of Milan/para. Martin Luther/trans. William Morton Reynolds Based on Plainsong melody
  Search Me, O God (Psalm 139) KÁM-CHHAT I-to Loh I-to Loh
  Seed, Scattered and Sown SEED SCATTERED Dan Feiten Dan Feiten/arr. Eric Gunnison and R.J. Miller
  Seek Ye First LAFFERTY Karen Lafferty Karen Lafferty
  Send Me, Lord (Thuma mina) THUMA MINA South African South African
  Shadows Lengthen into Night TENEBRAE Mary Louise Bringle Sally Ann Morris
  Shall Tribulation or Distress ROMANS 8 Mary Louise Bringle Sally Ann Morris
  Shall We Gather at the River HANSON PLACE Robert Lowry Robert Lowry
  Sheaves of Wheat (Una espiga) UNA ESPIGA Cesáreo Gabaráin/trans. Mary Louise Bringle Casáreo Gabaráin/harm. Skinner Chávez-Melo
  Shepherd Me, O God (Psalm 23) SHEPHERD ME Marty Haugen Marty Haugen
  Shine, Jesus, Shine SHINE, JESUS, SHINE Graham Kendrick Graham Kendrick
  Show Us, O Lord, Your Steadfast Love (Psalm 85) MENDON Christopher L. Webber German melody/arr. attributed to Samuel Dyer, 1824
  Sign Us with Ashes PHOENIX Mary Louise Bringle William Rowan
  Silence! Frenzied, Unclean Spirit AUTHORITY Thomas H. Troeger Carol Doran
  Silence! Frenzied, Unclean Spirit EBENEZER Thomas H. Troeger Thomas John Williams
  Silent Night, Holy Night STILLE NACHT Joseph Mohr/trans. John Freeman Young Franz Xaver Gruber
  Since Our Great High Priest, Christ Jesus ALL SAINTS Christopher M. Idle Geistreiches Gesangbuch, Darmstadt/harm. William Henry Monk
  Sing a New Song unto the Lord (Psalm 98) SING A NEW SONG Daniel L. Schutte Daniel L. Schutte/arr. Sr. Theophane Hytrek, OSF
  Sing Glory to the Name of God (Psalm 29) LASST UNS ERFREUEN David Gambrell Geistliche Kirchengesäng/harm. Ralph Vaughan Williams
  Sing, My Tongue the Glorious Battle FORTUNATUS NEW Venantius Honorius Fortunatus/trans. John Mason Neale Carl F. Schalk
  Sing of God Made Manifest SALZBURG Carl P. Daw, Jr. Jakob Hintze/arr. Johann Sebastian Bach
  Sing Out, My Soul (Magnificat) MAGNIFICAT (Taizé) Taizé Community Jacques Berthier
  Sing Out with Joy to God Our Strength (Psalm 81) SHEPHERDS' PIPES Fred R. Anderson Annabeth McClelland Gay
  Sing, Praise and Bless the Lord LAUDATE DOMINUM (Taizé) Taizé Community Jacques Berthier
  Sing Praise to God, Who Reigns Above MIT FREUDEN ZART Johann Jacob Schultz/trans. Frances Elizabeth Cox Bohemian Brethren's Kirchengesang, 1566
  Sing Praise to God, Whose Mighty Acts (Psalm 9) SALVATION Carl P. Daw, Jr. Kentucky Harmony, 1816
  Sing Praise to God, You Heavens! (Psalm 148) WIE LIEBLICH IST DER MAIEN Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr. Johann Steurlein
  Sing to God with Joy (Psalm 147) GLENDON John L. Bell John L. Bell
  "Sleepers, Wake!" A Voice Astounds Us WACHET AUF Philipp Nicolai/trans. Carl P. Daw, Jr. Attr. Philipp Nicolai/harm. Johann Sebastian Bach
  Soft Rains of Spring Flow PCOCS Jong Rack Im/trans. Edward Poitras Paul Junggap Huh and Seung Nam Kim/arr. Alfred V. Fedak
  Softly and Tenderly Jesus Is Calling SOFTLY AND TENDERLY Will L. Thompson Will L. Thompson
  Somebody's Knocking at Your Door SOMEBODY'S KNOCKING African American spiritual African American spiritual/arr. Joy F. Patterson
  Sometimes a Light Surprises SALLY GARDENS William Cowper English folk tune/arr. Alfred V. Fedak
  Somos el cuerpo de Cristo (We Are the Body of Christ) SOMOS EL CUERPO DE CRISTO Jaime Cortez and Bob Hurd Jaime Cortez
  Son of God, Whose Heart is Peace TAMA NGAKAU MARIE Trad. New Zealand/para. Shirley Erena Murray Maori trad. melody, New Zealand
  Soon and Very Soon SOON AND VERY SOON Andraé Crouch Andraé Crouch
  Soul, Adorn Yourself with Gladness SCHMÜKE DICH Johann Franck/trans. Lutheran Book of Worship Johann Crüger
  Sound a Mystic Bamboo Song MYSTIC BAMBOO SONG Bill Wallace I-to Loh
  Source and Sovereign, Rock and Cloud ABERYSTWYTH Thomas Troeger Joseph Parry
  Spirit Divine, Attend Our Prayers NUN DANKET ALL' UND BRINGET EHR' Andrew Reed Johann Crüger
  Spirit of God, Descend upon My Heart MORECAMBE George Croly Frederick Cook Atkinson
  Spirit of the Living God LIVING GOD Daniel Iverson Daniel Iverson
  Spirit, Open My Heart WILD MOUNTAIN THYME Ruth C. Duck Irish traditional melody/arr. Alfred V. Fedak
  Spirit, Spirit of Gentleness (Spirit) SPIRIT James K. Manley James K. Manley
  Standing on the Promises PROMISES R. Kelso Carter R. Kelso Carter
  Stay with Me STAY WITH ME Taizé Community Jacques Berthier
  Steal Away STEAL AWAY African American spiritual African American spiritual
  Still, Still, Still STILL, STILL, STILL Austrian carol/trans. George K. Evans Austrian melody/arr. Walter Ehret
  Sunday's Palms Are Wednesday's Ashes BEACH SPRING Rae E. Whitney Attr. to B.F. White
  Surely It Is God Who Saves Me FIRST SONG The Book of Common Prayer, Canticle 9 Jack Noble White
  Swiftly Pass the Clouds of Glory GENEVA Thomas H. Troeger George Henry Day
  Swing Low, Sweet Chariot SWING LOW, SWEET CHARIOT African American spiritual African American spiritual/arr. Robert Nathaniel Dett
  Take Me to the Water TAKE ME TO THE WATER African American spiritual African American spiritual
  Take My Life HENDON Frances Ridley Havergal H.A. César Malan
  Take, Oh, Take Me as I Am TAKE ME AS I AM John L. Bell John L. Bell
  Take the Saving Word of God DAWK'YAH TOWGYAH Pawltay (Kiowa)/English version, John Thornburg Unknown (Kiowa)/trans. Carlton R. Young
  Take Thou Our Minds, Dear Lord HALL William H. Foulkes Calvin Weiss Laufer
  Take Up Your Cross, the Savior Said BOURBON Charles William Everest Attr. Freeman Lewis/harm. John Leon Hooker
  Take Us as We Are, O God ENDLESS FEAST Carl P. Daw, Jr. Alfred V. Fedak
  Taste and See (Psalm 34) TASTE AND SEE James E. Moore, Jr. James E. Moore, Jr.
  Ten Lepers Facing Constant Scorn RADIANT CITY John Thornburg Thomas Pavlechko
  Thankful Hearts and Voices Raise THANKFUL HEARTS Liturgical text Ronald A. Nelson
  That Boy-Child of Mary BLANTYRE Tom Colvin Malawi melody/adapt. Tom Colvin
  That Easter Day with Joy Was Bright PUER NOBIS NASCITUR Latin hymn, 5th c./trans. John Mason Neale Trier ms., 15th c./adapt. Michael Praetorius
  The Bread and the Wine Are Here LOVE FEAST Daniel Charles Damon Daniel Charles Damon
  The Church of Christ Cannot Be Bound MC KEE Adam M.L. Tice African American spiritual/adapt. Harry T. Burleigh
  The Church of Christ in Every Age WAREHAM Fred Pratt Green William Knapp
  The Church's One Foundation AURELIA Samuel John Stone Samuel Sebastian Wesley
  The Day of Resurrection LANCASHIRE John of Damascus/trans. John Mason Neale Henry Thomas Smart
  The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended ST. CLEMENT John Ellerton Clement Cottewill Scholefield
  The Days Are Surely Coming LLANGLOFFAN David Gambrell Welsh folk melody
  The Earth Belongs to God Alone SIMMONS Adam M.L. Tice William Rowan
  The First Nowell THE FIRST NOWELL English carol, 17th c. English carol
  The Foolish in Their Hearts Deny (Psalm 14) MAPLE AVENUE Marie J. Post Richard L. Van Oss
  The Glory of These Forty Days ERHALT UNS, HERR Gregory the Great/trans. Maurice F. Bell Klug's Geistliche Lieder/harm. Johann Sebastian Bach
  The God of Abraham Praise LEONI Daniel ben Judah/trans. Max Landsberg, Newton Mann Hebrew melody/adapt. Thomas Olivers, Meyer Lyon
  The God of Heaven (Psalm 29) GLORY Michael A. Perry Norman L. Warren
  The Great Prayer of Thanksgiving (Hopson)   Liturgical text Hal H. Hopson
  The King of Love My Shepherd Is (Psalm 23) ST. COLUMBA Henry William Baker Ancient Irish melody
  The Lord Almighty Reigns (Psalm 93) ST. BRIDE The Psalter, 1912 Samuel Howard
  The Lord Hears the Cry of the Poor (Psalm 82) THE CRY OF THE POOR John B. Foley, S.J. John B. Foley, S.J.
  The Lord Is God AZMON David Gambrell Carl Gotthelf Gläser/arr. Lowell Mason
  The Lord Is My Light (Psalm 27) THE LORD IS MY LIGHT Taizé Community Jacques Berthier
  The Lord Now Sends Us Forth (Enviado soy de Dios) ENVIADO Anonymous, Central America/tran. Gerhard M. Cartford Anonymous, Central America
  The Lord's My Shepherd, I'll Not Want (Psalm 23) CRIMOND Scottish Psalter, 1650 Jessie Seymour Irvine/harm. T.C.L. Pritchard
  The Mighty God, with Power Speaks (Psalm 50) KINGSFOLD Michael Morgan English Country Songs, 1893/arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams
  The People Who Walked in Darkness ISAIAH 9 Mary Louise Bringle Sally Ann Morris
  The Play of the Godhead PERICHORESIS Mary Louise Bringle William Rowan
  The Rice of Life BÍ-NÎU Andrew Fowler I-to Loh
  The Right Hand of God LA MANO DE DIOS Patrick Prescod Noel Dexter
  The Risen Christ WOODLANDS Nigel Weaver Walter Greatorex
  The Snow Lay on the Ground VENITE ADOREMUS Anglo-Irish carol English melody/adapt. C. Winfred Douglas/harm. Leo Lowerby
  The Steadfast Love of the Lord (Psalm 105) THE STEADFAST LOVE OF THE LORD Edith McNeill Edith McNeill
  The Strife Is O'er VICTORY Latin, c. 1695/trans. Francis Pott Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrian/adapt. William Henry Monk
  The Trumpets Sound, the Angels Sing (The Feast Is Ready) THE FEAST IS READY Graham Kendrick Graham Kendrick
  The Woman Hiding in the Crowd SIMMONS J. Dudley Weaver, Jr. William Rowan
  Thee We Adore, O Hidden Savior, Thee ADORO TE DEVOTE Thomas Aquinas/trans. James Russell Woodford Processionale, Paris, 1697
  There in God's Garden SHADES MOUNTAIN Király Imre von Pécselyi/trans. Erik Routley K. Lee Scott
  There Is a Balm in Gilead BALM IN GILEAD African American spiritual African American spiritual/arr. Melva W. Costen
  There Is a Longing in Our Hearts LONGING Anne Quigley Anne Quigley
  There Is a Place of Quiet Rest (Near to the Heart of God) MC AFEE Cleland Boyd McAfee Cleland Boyd McAfee
  There Is a Redeemer GREEN Melody Green Melody Green
  There Is Now a New Creation STUTTGART David Gambrell Witt's Psalmodia Sacra, 1715
  There's a Star in the East (Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow) RISE UP, SHEPHERD African American spiritual African American spiritual
  There's a Sweet, Sweet Spirit SWEET, SWEET SPIRIT Doris Akers Doris Akers
  There's a Wideness in God's Mercy IN BABILONE Frederick William Faber Dutch melody/arr. Julius Röntgen
  These Things Did Thomas Count as Real KEDRON Thomas H. Troeger Attr. Elkanah Kelsay Dare as in United States Harmony, 1799
  These Treasured Children PUER NOBIS NASCITUR Jacque B. Jones Trier ms., 15th century/adapt. Michael Praetorius
  They Crucified My Lord (He Never Said a Mumbalin' Word) CRUCIFIXION African American spiritual African American spiritual
  Thine Is the Glory JUDAS MACCABEUS Edmond Louis Budry/trans. R. Birch Hoyle George Frederick Handel
  This Is My Father's World TERRA BEATA Maltbie Davenport Babcock Franklin L. Sheppard
  This Is My Song FINLANDIA Lloyd Stone and Georgia Harkness Jean Sibelius
  This Is the Day (Este es el dia) (Psalm 118) ESTE ES EL DIA Pablo Sosa/trans. Mary Louise Bringle Pablo Sosa
  This Is the Day the Lord Hath Made (Psalm 118) NUN DANKET ALL' UND BRINGET EHR' Isaac Watts Johann Crüger
  This Is the Feast of Victory FESTIVAL CANTICLE Liturgical text/adapt. John W. Arthur Richard Hillert
  This Is the Night MY NEIGHBOR Peter Abélard/trans. Richard Lyman Sturch Margaret R. Tucker
  This Joyful Eastertide VRUECHTEN George R. Woodward Dutch folk tune, 17th c.
  Though I May Speak O WALY WALY Hal H. Hopson English folk melody/harm. John Weaver
  Thy Mercy and Thy Truth, O Lord (Psalm 36) TALLIS' ORDINAL The Psalter, 1912 Thomas Tallis
  Thy Word Is a Lamp unto My Feet THY WORD Amy Grant Michael W. Smith
  To a Maid Engaged to Joseph ANNUNCIATION Gracia Grindal Rusty Edwards
  To Abraham and Sarah (I Will Be Your God) LLANFYLLIN Judith A. Fetter Trad. Welsh melody
  To Bless the Earth (Psalm 65) CHRISTUS, DER IST MEIN LEBEN The Psalter, 1912 Melchior Vulpius
  To God Be the Glory TO GOD BE THE GLORY Fanny Jane Crosby William Howard Doane
  To My Precious Lord (내게있는향유옥합) TO MY PRECIOUS LORD Chung Kwan Park/trans. Edward Poitras/rev. Mary Louise Bringle Chung Kwan Park
  To the High and Kindly Hills (Psalm 121) NA-UI DO-UM Song-suk Im/para. James Minchin Song-ch'on Lee
  To You, O Lord, We Lift Our Eyes (Psalm 123) CANNONS Christopher L. Webber Adapted from George Frederick Handel
  Today We All Are Called to Be Disciples KINGSFOLD H. Kenn Carmichael English Country Songs, 1893/arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams
  Together We Serve SAN ANSELMO Daniel Charles Damon Daniel Charles Damon
  Touch the Earth Lightly TENDERNESS Shirley Erena Murray Colin Gibson
  Tremble, Oh Tremble (Psalm 99) TROMBLEY Richard Leach Alfred V. Fedak
  Trust in God (Psalm 125) SONG 13 David Gambrell Orlando Gibbons
  Twas in the Moon of Wintertime UNE JEUNE PUCELLE Native American (Huron)/Jean de Brébeuf/trans. Jesse Edgar Middleton French carol, 16th c.
  Unless the Lord the House Shall Build (Psalm 127) BOURBON The Psalter, 1912 Attr. Freeman Lewis/harm. John Leon Hooker
  Unseen God, Your Hand Has Guided MERTON Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr. William H. Monk
  Wait for the Lord (Psalm 27) WAIT FOR THE LORD Taizé Community Jacques Berthier
  Wash, O God, Your Sons and Daughters BEACH SPRING Ruth C. Duck The Sacred Harp
  Watchman, Tell Us of the Night ABERYSTWYTH John Bowring Joseph Parry
  We All Are One in Mission ES FLOG EIN KLEINS WALDVÖGELEIN Rusty Edwards Memmingen ms. 17th c./harm. George Ratcliffe Woodward
  We Are Forgiven WE ARE FORGIVEN (Hopson) Liturgical text Hal H. Hopson
  We Are Marching in the Light of God (Siyahamba) SIYAHAMBA South African traditional/trans. Freedom Is Coming South African traditional/arr. Freedom Is Coming, 1984
  We Are One in Christ Jesus (Somos uno en Cristo) SOMOS UNO Anonymous/trans. Alice Parker Anonymous
  We Are One in the Spirit (They'll Know We Are Christians by Our Love) THEY'LL KNOW WE ARE CHRISTIANS Peter Scholtes Peter Scholtes
  We Are Standing on Holy Ground (Holy Ground) HOLY GROUND Geron Davis Geron Davis
  We Cannot Measure How You Heal CANDLER John L. Bell Scottish melody/arr. John L. Bell
  We Come as Guests Invited WIE LIEBLICH IST DER MAIEN Timothy Dudley-Smith Johann Steurlein
  We Come to You for Healing, Lord LAND OF REST Herman G. Steumpfle, Jr. American folk melody/arr. Annabel Morris Buchanan
  We Fall Down WE FALL DOWN Chris Tomlin Chris Tomlin
  We Gather Here in Jesus' Name (Come, Share the Lord) COME, SHARE THE LORD Jeffrey Leech Jeffrey Leech
  We Gather Together KREMSER Netherlands folk hymn/trans. Theodore Baker Nederlandtsch Gedenckclanck/harm. Eduard Kremser
  We Give Thanks unto You (Psalm 136) WE GIVE THANKS UNTO YOU Marty Haugen Marty Haugen
  We Give Thee but Thine Own SCHUMANN William Walsham How Mason and Webb's Cantica Laudis, 1850
  We Have Come at Christ's Own Bidding BREWER Carl P. Daw, Jr. David Ashley White
  We Know That Christ Is Raised ENGELBERG John Brownlow Geyer Charles Villiers Stanford
  We Lift Our Voices (We Are an Offering) OFFERING Dwight Liles Dwight Liles
  We Praise You, O God KREMSER Julia C. Cory A. Valerius
  We Shall Overcome WE SHALL OVERCOME Trad./adapt. By Zilphia Horton, Frank Hamilton, Guy Carawan & Pete Seeger Trad./arr. William Farley Smith
  We Three Kings of Orient Are THREE KINGS OF ORIENT John Henry Hopkins, Jr. John Henry Hopkins, Jr.
  We Wait the Peaceful Kingdom MERLE'S TUNE Kathleen R. Moore Hal H. Hopson
  We Walk by Faith and Not by Sight DUNLAP'S CREEK Henry Alford Samuel McFarland/harm. Richard Proulx
  We Who Once Were Dead MIDDEN IN DE DOOD Muus Jacobse/trans. composite Rik Veelenturf
  We Will Go Out with Joy WE WILL GO OUT WITH JOY Andrew Donaldson/Hilary Seraph Donaldson Andrew Donaldson/Hilary Seraph Donaldson
  We Will Walk with God (Sizohamba naye) SIZOHAMBA NAYE Trad. Swaziland/trans. John L. Bell Trad. Swaziland/arr. John L. Bell
  Were You There WERE YOU THERE African American spiritual African American spiritual/arr. Melva W. Costen
  We've Come This Far by Faith THIS FAR BY FAITH Albert A. Goodson Albert A. Goodson
  What a Fellowship, What a Joy Divine (Leaning on the Everlasting Arms) SHOWALTER Elisha A. Hoffman Anthony J. Showalter
  What a Friend We Have in Jesus CONVERSE Joseph Scriven Charles Crozat Converse
  What Child Is This GREENSLEEVES William Chatterton Dix English ballad, 16th c.
  What Does the Lord Require of You? MOON Jim Strathdee Jim Strathdee
  What Is the World Like NEW WORLD Adam M.L. Tice Sally Ann Morris
  What Is This Place KOMT NU MET ZANG Huub Oosterhuis/trans. David Smith Nederlandtsch Gedenckclanck, 1626/harm. B. Huijbers
  What Shall I Render to the Lord (Psalm 116) MARTYRDOM The Psalter, 1912 Hugh Wilson/adapt. and harm. Robert Smith
  What Star Is This, with Beams So Bright PUER NOBIS NASCITUR Charles Coffin/trans. John Chandler Trier ms., 15th c./adapt. Michael Praetorius
  What Wondrous Love Is This WONDROUS LOVE American folk hymn, c. 1811 Walker's Southern Harmony, 1835/harm. Carlton R. Young
  When a Poor One (Cuando el pobre) EL CAMINO J.A. Olivar and Miguel Manzano/trans. George Lockwood J.A. Olivar and Miguel Manzano/arr. Alvin Schutmaat
  When All Is Ended YOGANANDA Brian Wren William Rowan
  When at This Table FEASTDAY Shirley Erena Murray Jane Marshall
  When God Delivered Israel (Psalm 126) SHEAVES Michael A. Saward Norman L. Warren
  When God Restored Our Common Life (Psalm 126) RESIGNATION Ruth C. Duck USA folk melody, Walker's Southern Harmony
  When Hands Reach Out and Fingers Trace O WALY WALY Carolyn Winfrey Gillette English folk melody/harm. John Weaver
  When I Survey the Wondrous Cross HAMBURG Isaac Watts Lowell Mason
  When I Survey the Wondrous Cross ROCKINGHAM Isaac Watts Second Supplement to Psalmody in Miniature/harm. Edward Miller
  When in Our Music God Is Glorified ENGELBERG Fred Pratt Green Charles Villiers Stanford
  When in the Night I Meditate (Psalm 16) ST. FLAVIAN The Psalter, 1912 Day's Psalter, 1562
  When Israel Was Going Forth (Psalm 114) PISGAH Anonymous Early American/arr. Hal H. Hopson
  When Israel Was in Egypt's Land GO DOWN MOSES African American spiritual African American spiritual/arr. Melva W. Costen
  When Jesus Wept WHEN JESUS WEPT William Billings William Billings
  When Memory Fades FINLANDIA Mary Louise Bringle Jean Sibelius
  When Morning Gilds the Skies LAUDES DOMINI German hymn, c. 1800/trans. Edward Caswall Joseph Barnby
  When Peace like a River (It Is Well with My Soul) VILLE DU HAVRE Horatio G. Spafford Philip P. Bliss
  When the Lord Redeems the Very Least I'LL FLY AWAY Sylvia G. Dunstan Albert E. Brumley/arr. Evelyn Simpson-Curenton
  When the Morning Stars Together WEISSE FLAGGEN Albert F. Bayly Tochter Sion, Cologne, 1741
  When Twilight Comes DAPIT HAPON Moises B. Andrade/trans. James Minchin Francisco Feliciano
  When We Are Living (Pues si vivimos) SOMOS DEL SEÑOR St. 1 trans. Elise S. Eslinger/st. 2–4, Roberto Escamilla/trans. George Lockwood Spanish melody
  When We Are Tested ANGELS OF HEALING Ruth C. Duck Carlton R. Young
  When We Must Bear Persistent Pain PROSPECT Ruth C. Duck As in Twelve Folksongs and Spirituals, 1968/harm. David N. Johnson
  Where Armies Scourge the Countryside (Bring Peace to Earth Again) PACE MIO DIO Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr. Perry Nelson
  Where Charity and Love Prevail TWENTY-FOURTH Latin hymn/trans. Omer Westendorf Attr. Lucius Chapin
  Where Cross the Crowded Ways of Life GERMANY Frank Mason North Attr. Ludwig van Beethoven/Gardiner's Sacred Melodies, 1815
  Where Shepherds Lately Knelt MANGER SONG Jaroslav J. Vajda Carl F. Schalk
  While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks CHRISTMAS Nahum Tate George Frederick Handel/arr. Lowell Mason
  While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks WINCHESTER OLD Nahum Tate Este's Psalmes, 1592
  While We Are Waiting, Come WAITING (Cason) Claire Cloninger Don Cason
  Who Would Think That What Was Needed WHITE ROSETTES John L. Bell and Graham Maule John L. Bell
  Why Do Nations Rage Together (Psalm 2) EBENEZER Michael Morgan Thomas John Williams
  Why Has God Forsaken Me? SHIMPI Bill Wallace Taihei Sato
  Why Should I Feel Discouraged? (His Eye Is on the Sparrow) SPARROW Civilla Martin Charles H. Gabriel
  Why Stand So Far Away (Psalm 10) MORNING SONG Ruth C. Duck Kentucky Harmony, 1816/harm. C. Winfred Douglas
  Wild and Lone the Prophet's Voice ABERYSTWYTH Carl P. Daw, Jr. Joseph Parry
  Will You Come and Follow Me (The Summons) KELVINGROVE John L. Bell Trad. Scottish
  Will You Let Me Be Your Servant THE SERVANT SONG Richard Gillard Richard Gillard
  With Grateful Heart My Thanks I Bring (Psalm 138) ST. PETERSBURG The Psalter, 1912 Dimitri S. Bortniansky
  Within Our Darkest Night DANS NOS OBSCURITÉS Taizé Community Jacques Berthier
  Within Your Shelter, Loving God (Psalm 91) ABBEY John G. Dunn Scottish Psalter, 1615
  Woman in the Night NEW DISCIPLES Brian Wren Alfred V. Fedak
  Woman, Weeping in the Garden KINGDOM Daniel Charles Damon Vicar Earle Copes
  Womb of Life and Source of Being RAQUEL Ruth C. Duck Skinner Chávez-Melo
  Wonder of Wonders, Here Revealed PENTECOST (Boyd) Jane Parker Huber William Boyd
  You Are Before Me, Lord (Psalm 139) SURSUM CORDA (Smith) Ian Pitt-Watson Alfred Morton Smith
  You Are Holy (Eres santo) DU ÄR HELIG Per Harling Per Harling
  You Are Holy (Prince of Peace) YOU ARE HOLY Marc Imboden and Tammi Rhoton Marc Imboden and Tammi Rhoton
  You Are My Refuge, Faithful God (Psalm 31) MORNING SONG David Gambrell Wyeth's Repository of Sacred Music/harm. C. Winfred Douglas
  You Are My Strength When I Am Weak (You Are My All in All) JERNIGAN Dennis L. Jernigan Dennis L. Jernigan
  You Are the Lord, Giver of Mercy WAYFARING STRANGER Richard D. Wetzel Appalachian folk song/arr. Richard D. Wetzel
  You Belong to Christ YOU BELONG TO CHRIST Liturgical text Robert A. Hobby
  You Have Come Up to the Lakeshore (Tú has venido a la orilla) PESCADOR DE HOMBRES Cesáreo Gabaráin/trans. Gertrude Suppe, George Lockwood, and Raquel Achón Cesáreo Gabaráin/harm. Skinner Chávez-Melo
  You Have Put On Christ BAPTIZED IN CHRIST Liturgical text Howard Hughes, S.M.
  You, Lord, Are Both Lamb and Shepherd PICARDY Sylvia G. Dunstan French carol, 17th c.
  You Satisfy the Hungry Heart FINEST WHEAT Omer Westendorf Robert E. Kreutz
  You Servants of God, Your Master Proclaim HANOVER Charles Wesley Attr. William Croft
  You Shall Go Out with Joy (The Trees of the Field) THE TREES OF THE FIELD Steffi Geiser Ruben Stuart Dauermann
  You Thirsty Ones, Come HEAVEN'S RAIN Andrew Donaldson James E. Clemens
  You Walk along Our Shoreline WIE LIEBLICH IST DER MAIEN Sylvia G. Dunstan Johann Steurlein
  You Who Dwell in the Shelter of the Lord (On Eagle's Wings) (Psalm 91) ON EAGLE'S WINGS J. Michael Joncas J. Michael Joncas
  Your Endless Love, Your Mighty Acts (Psalm 106) ST. MAGNUS Martin E. Leckebusch Jeremiah Clark
  Your Faithfulness, O Lord, Is Sure (Psalm 145) WINCHESTER NEW Para. Joy F. Patterson Musikalisches Handbuch/harm. William Henry Monk
  Your Law, O Lord, Is Perfect (Psalm 19) CHRISTUS, DER IST MEIN LEBEN Keith Landis Melchior Vulpius
  Your Only Son (Lamb of God) LAMB OF GOD Twila Paris Twila Paris