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This adult Bible study curriculum is based on the reading and study plan of the Uniform Series, which is a way to study the Bible over a six-year period. Each quarter works its way through different books of the Bible and focuses on a different theme. You can view the theme for this quarter on the scope and sequence.

Fall 2020 Scope & Sequence

The Present Word features a user-friendly leader’s guide that enables groups to be able to rotate leadership each week if they wish. Each participant receives their own booklet to work through, with daily Bible readings and space in the margins for notes. A worship leaflet offers morning prayer service suggestions to add a worship component to your Bible study experience. All three books—Leader’s Guide, Participant’s Book, and Worship Leaflets—are available in large print and braille. The Present Word offers a substantial Bible study for adults that has been in production for more than twenty years and is much beloved by the church.

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The Uniform Series

The Uniform Series is a plan for reading and studying the Bible. The objective of this Bible reading and study is to help growing persons increasingly:

1.   know the content of the Bible,

2.   understand the message of the Bible in light of their experiences and relationships, and

3.   be aware of God’s self-disclosure, especially God’s redeeming love as revealed in Jesus Christ.


Participants will respond in faith and love—to the end that they may know who they are and what their human situation means, grow as the children of God rooted in the Christian community, live in the Spirit of God in every relationship, fulfill their common discipleship in the world, and abide in the Christian hope.


The Place of the Bible

The emphasis in this objective is on the Bible as the record of the revelation of God in Christ, as the major source of understanding the meaning of the Christian faith and as the most effective means of confronting persons with the great concerns of the gospel. These concerns include personal faith, values, human relationships, social responsibility, Christian hope, and the implications of Christian discipleship under the lordship of Christ and in the fellowship of his Spirit.