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The Predicament of Postmodern Theology

Radical Orthodoxy or Nihilist Textualism?

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Westminster John Knox Press
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Gavin Hyman explores in depth two antithetical schools of postmodern theology--the "radical orthodoxy" of John Milbank and the "nihilist textualism" of Don Cupitt. Hyman critiques Milbank's influential project from a postmodern perspective, and then points out the major difficulties with Cupitt's approach. Finally, he explores the work of Mark C. Taylor and Michael de Certeau to articulate a "third way" that leads beyond the responses of both Cupitt and Milbank.

Gavin Hyman is Lecturer in Religious Studies at the University of Lancaster in England. He has written numerous scholarly articles in journals such as Theology, New Blackfriars, The Heythrop Journal, and Literature and Theology.

The Predicament of...
Radical Orthodoxy ...
by Westminster John Knox Press
Midwestern Journal of Theology (2005) "Hyman has done a thorough job of exploring some of the theological extremes of postmodernism; however, his middle road is still too far removed from classical orthodoxy for the evangelical pastor and missionary." --Rodney Harrison, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
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