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Glory to God: Projection Edition, Words and Music
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Westminster John Knox Press
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This edition of Glory to God is formatted for projecting hymns in worship and will contain files of all the hymns and songs in the pew edition. Files will be available in a flash drive format with either PowerPoint or image formats. This version will contain both the lyric files for projection and the words and music files so that your church can project either version. A separate edition is available that contains only the lyric files. Note that there are no audio files on this product and therefore it does not play music.

Actual shipping charges will apply for all hymnal product orders. Once opened, this product cannot be returned.

Some hymns will have copyright restrictions for projecting. In those cases, we will include the files for projection along with the information about the restrictions and what licenses your church can obtain that will cover those hymns.

To download example files of the projection edition, click here. If you purchase the Glory to God: Projection Edition, Words and Music version, you will receive all example files. If you purchase the Glory to God: Projection Edition, Words Only version, you will only receive files that have "Lyrics_Only" in the file name.

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