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A Pocket Manual of Anglo-Catholic Devotion
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A daily prayer companion for the many Christians who would describe themselves as Anglo-Catholic (and who comprise one-third of the Church of England), this is a complete resource with orders of morning, midday, evening and night prayer. It also provides variations for the liturgical seasons, holy days, festivals, initiation and healing, prayers for the rosary and Station of the Cross and prayers in preparation for the Eucharist.á áA portable, abridged version of the daily devotional companion, it contains the full text of the larger volume apart from the Psalms and Canticles, the optional Eucharist prayers and the longer daily readings. Ideal for travellers or as a confirmation gift.
Andrew Burnham was formerly Bishop of Ebbsfleet and is now a Monsignor in Ordinariate. He served on the Liturgical Commission and edited A Manual of Anglo-Catholic Devotion.Aidan Nichols OP is an accomplished Catholic writer and theologian.
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