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Faith Questions Youth Curriculum

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This four-session study explores the questions: "Why Do We Have Only Two Sacraments When Some Churches Have Seven?," "What's the Big Deal about the Sacraments?," "Why Do We Get Baptized as Babies Instead of Waiting until We're Old Enough to Decide for Ourselves?," and "During the Lord's Supper, Are We Really Sharing Jesus' Body and Blood?:

Faith Questions studies are based on faith questions posed by youth. Each session encourages young people to look to Scripture, as well as our faith tradition, in relevant and responsive ways. Intended for older youth, this curriculum is easily adaptable for broadly graded youth programs.

The Leader's Guide explores a topic with multiple faith questions. Movie, music, media, and other technologies are suggested throughout the curriculum to supplement the lessons.

A sample session is listed below and the downloadable resources for leaders and coffeehouse version are available free of charge. Click Here

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