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The Growing in Grace & Gratitude 9-Month Subscription includes weekly leader material, which includes reproducible Grace Notes, and the Stories, Colors & More books. Additional free resources include weekly downloadable Grace Sightings, a free e-book version, and audio versions of the Bible stories for three quarters following a traditional school or program year of fall, winter, and spring.

Series Description
Growing in Grace & Gratitude is our quarterly denominational curriculum for children ages 3–10. Children see God’s grace in the biblical narrative and in our world today. The curriculum provides age appropriate opportunities for responses of gratitude through claiming, celebrating, praying and offering. There is diversity in learning as well as support for leaders to adapt lessons for children with special needs. Coloring illustrations accompany each Bible story to engage children visually. Each session will embrace children in the grace of God through engagement with the Bible that echoes reformed worship: gathering in God’s grace, responding in gratitude, and loving and serving God.

Product Excerpts and Related Resources:
Download Fall_Sample
Product Excerpts and Related Resources:
Download Fall S&S
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