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Interpreting the Parables
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'The book is immensely readable; although it is clearly the work of a scholar, its abundant learning is firmly directed to practical ends. Often, when dealing with a point such as the real purpose of an obscure parable, or the authenticity of a probable late gloss, two or three theories are quoted and examined; the discussion is always scrupulously fair, but in every case Dr Hunter leaves the reader in no doubt that he feels that one answer is better than the others, and he explains just why he considers that it is better. Puzzling stories like the Unjust, Steward, the Labourers in the Vineyard, the Barren Fig Tree and the Importunate Widow, are convincingly explained. And the whole book is written in sinewy down-to-earth terms, as though the writer has got you by the coat lapels and is saying, ""Now look here, man, this is the way it is; take it or leave it"". I like a book to be written in that way, so long as it also sets out enough evidence to enable you to disagree intelligently with the author if you want to; and this book does just that' (The Inquirer).

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