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Knowing and Loving the Son of Man

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The title ‘the Son of Man’ evokes the different aspects of the whole Christ: the humanity and divinity of Christ, his earthly ministry, his sacramental presence, and the eschatological consummation of his work. It is also a term of relationship, suggestive of both the relations constitutive of the life of the Holy Trinity, and  also of the way that our knowing and loving the Son of Man is always an invitation to communion - with the Triune God, as the Body of Christ, and for the life of the world.

Contributors to this collection explore some of the many registers of the mystery of Christ, both historically and thematically. Contributors include some of today’s leading theological thinkers, including NT Wright, Rowan Williams, Lydia Schumacher, Kallistos Wareliver and Oliver O’Donovan. With poetic reflections from Malcolm Guite.

Chapters include:

"Son of Man and the New Creation" (NT Wright),
"The Son of Man in the Gospel of John" (John Behr),
"Sound and Silence in Augustine’s Christological Exegesis" (Carol Harrison),
"According to the Flesh?: The Problem of Knowing Christ in Chalcedonian Perspective" (Ian Mcfarland),
"Christ and the Moral Life" (Oliver O'Donovan),
"Christ and the Poetic Imagination" (Malcolm Guite)

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