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Mixing it Up with The Simpsons: 12 Sessions on Faith for 9-13s

12 Sessions on Faith for 9-13s

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SCM Press
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Fact 1' The Simpsons is a massive part of popular culture. In a survey of two thousand 10-14 year olds, 11 out of 17 said that their most watched programme was The Simpsons and with its memorable characters and hilarious storylines it is a rich resource for exploring Christian themes and theological concepts.''Fact 2' Young people aged 9-13 are a massively under-resourced age group in churches. Spanning the 'tweenager' and 'tweenie' age zones young people of this age are increasingly fashion-aware, media-savvy and worldly-wise. They don't regard themselves as children but are not yet adults. ''This new book addresses both the need and the cultural interest.''In 12 sessions, this book engages with everyday issues, from gossip to sibling rivalry, and looks at what the Christian message is for these themes. Mixing it up with The Simpsons uses extracts from episodes to help your youth group connect with key Christian beliefs in a contemporary format ' from Lisa the Beauty Queen (issues of self-image) to Homer and Barney (the i
Mixing it Up with ...
12 Sessions on Fai...
by SCM Press
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