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Seeing Afresh

Learning from Fresh Expressions of Church

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As the Church of Scotland approaches its sixth year as a partner in Fresh Expressions, Seeing Afresh tells the story of eight very different church communities that have emerged and asks what can be learned from them and how their examples can inspire other churches to engage more imaginatively in mission.  

The stories featured include fresh expressions of church working with:  

•marginalised youth in the heart of a city 
•millennials and homeless in a busy commercial centre 
•a scattered rural community 
•all-ages on an island community 
•those living in sheltered accommodation 
•active, retired and socially minded, but sceptical about faith 
•online communities  

The opportunities and the challenges of creating and sustaining different kinds of church are treated with realism and many essential insights on motivation, vision, understanding the context, first steps, pioneer leadership, nurturing disciples and more are discovered and shared.

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