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A Simple Life

Roland Walls & the Community of Transfiguration

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Roland Walls stood in awe admiring a tiny flower beside the path Isn't it beautiful? Just sitting there. Not drawing attention to itself. Just being itself. This humble religious Community, founded by Roland Walls in Roslin near Edinburgh, achieved its far-reaching international and ecumenical influence by embodying a simple mode of "Being" in a world where most people are extremely busy "Doing". Through the story of the Community's origins and its 50 years of existence, the author explores how, against all trends, this tiny Christian community has been inspirational testimony to the relevance of religious faith in the 21st century. Told by an authorised and involved author with unique access to the Community, the book is full of enthralling stories and anecdotes - and illustrates the practiced values of community over individualism and Being over Doing. This record of a fascinating phenomenon is no pious and sentimental account. The book cites the very real, raw struggles and the success of attempts to live the Christian life in a post-Christian society.

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