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Bible Basic Infographic: Old Testament Stories Download
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Bible Basics Infographic Individual Poster download

The Old Testament Stories

This 18 x 24 inch poster features a downloadable poster that you can print or display at any size. This poster contains a copy right statement to be shown to your local printer so they may print this poster at any size. This image is also able to be projected onto a screen or sent out to members of your congregation.


Follow Me: Biblical Practices for Faithful Living is a thirty-six-unit curriculum based on practices Jesus did and taught us to do as faithful followers. Written for people of all ages who wish to live out their faith, this new curriculum examines where these practices are found in the Bible and how they have been used in Christian faith then and now. To learn more about the curriculum and view a sample of each component, visit our Follow Me webpage. Watch our trailer on our YouTube channel.

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