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Cloud Of Witnesses- Horizon Bible Study Audio Download
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Welcome to the 2017û2018 PW/Horizons Bible study, Cloud of Witnesses: The Community of Christ in Hebrews by Melissa Bane Sevier. In nine lessons, the author invites us to explore major themes found in Hebrews, relate these themes to other parts of our faith tradition, and tie them together with the overarching motif of community. Join the hundreds of thousands of thoughtful Christians who will be sharing this study together in the coming months. Though the study is available in several editionsùEnglish, ecumenical, Spanish, large-print, and audioùthe audio edition is particularly helpful for those with sight impairments, those who want to enhance their study by having it read aloud, those who want to make travel time more fruitful, and others with special needs. It is a lightly abridged version with no Suggestions for Leaders. It is being sold as a download item only. All editions and supplements, as well as other related materials (promotional poster, pendant/charm, and workshop for leaders), are available. Type ""Cloud of Witnesses"" into the search box to bring up the entire list. Additional resources are published in Horizons magazine beginning with the July/August issue.
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