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Expanded Bible Basics Study Pack
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Some of the many questions answered in this study pack include the following:

  • Why are the books in the Bible arranged in the order they are in?
  • Can we read every passage in the same way, or does the literary style of a text give us an added hint at the meaning for our lives?
  • When and why were different books written, and why were some books we know about excluded?
  • Is there an original text or one that is better than others?
  • Why are Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Bibles different from Protestant ones?
  • Which Bible should I buy?
  • What should we think about some texts that have been found recently that were actually written before our current Bible? Should they be included?
  • What practical tools are available that can help us in our study?

This study pack consists of nine studies and a total of thirteen sessions that can easily be stretched to more sessions if you have the time and interest. We suggest they be studied in the following order: "Bible 101," "Types of Literature in the Bible," "The Importance of Context," "When and Why the Bible Was Written," "Books That Didn't Make the Bible and Why," "The Books between the Testaments: What Christians Should Know about the Apocrypha," "Which Bible Should I Buy?" "Divine Inspiration and the Word of God," and "Tools for Bible Study."

This study is meant as a refresher for those who have some basic education in how to study the Bible or as an introduction for new believers or persons who have never had the chance to do more rigorous Bible study. The participant should leave this series of study with enough information and questions to want to keep on learning about the wealth of lessons found in the Holy Scriptures.

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