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Interpreting the Bible Study Pack
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  • Am I interpreting the Bible correctly?
  • Why do Christians disagree on biblical interpretation?
  • Can the Bible help us interpret?

These are just some of the questions addressed in this seven-week study pack. Life is about interpreting. It is a part of what we do every minute of every day. We filter experiences through our lenses and come to an understanding of the circumstances of our lives.

When we study the Bible, we do the same thing. We interpret what we read, depending on what we've learned and heard.

This study pack consists of two studies. The first study, "Biblical Interpretation 101," is a three-week unit dealing with a general overview of biblical interpretation, a historical review of how the Bible has been interpreted by leaders of the church through the centuries, and a final session discussing why we all interpret the Bible differently.

The second study, "Great Themes of the Bible," picks four major themes of the Bible and traces them through well-known biblical stories.

We suggest you study "Biblical Interpretation 101" first. However, you may want to stop after the second session and study the "Great Themes of the Bible" before returning to the final session.

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