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A Philosophy of the Christian Religion
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Westminster John Knox Press
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Each field of study comes with its own set of questions; each period of time refines and redirects those questions. The Christian religion as we find it in the twenty-first century presents a unique set of problems to be solved and questions to be answered. In this comprehensive discussion of the philosophy of the Christian religion, eminent philosopher and theologian Nancey Murphy applies the tools of philosophical analysis to a set of core yet contemporary religious questions: what does our historical moment mean for the possibility of knowing God? Is faith still possible? Does God intervene in human history? Is there such a thing as universal knowledge of God? Even students familiar with religious and theological study often lack the tools that philosophical enquiry provides to better grapple with these questions. A Philosophy of the Christian Religion offers those tools, and invites the reader into a deep exploration of the intellectual challenges and opportunities of Christian faith.

A Philosophy of th...
by Westminster John Knox Press
Nancey Murphy
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