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When Deborah Met Jael: Lesbian Biblical Hermeneutics

Lesbian Biblical Hermeneutics

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SCM Press
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"When Deborah Met Jael defines and situates the significant elements which constitute lesbian readings of scripture. Deryn Guest explores the instability of the lesbian label and the concept of a ""lesbian sensibility"". The book further explores the social location of lesbian hermeneutics, noting in particular the adverse positions of lesbians socially, economically and religiously. The author also examines the non-negotiable principles that underpin lesbian readings of biblical texts. These include; upholding the dignity of the lesbian and the authority of experience; the need to operate via a specifically lesbian hermeneutic of suspicion; the principle of ensuring the views of grassroot lesbians are included; the desirability of opening a lesbian critical position to allies and finally a willingness to confront the issue of biblical authority. Finally the author evaluates strategies that have been used to date by lesbians reading scripture, identifying those strategies that are most likely to provide empowerment co
The Queer Bible Co...
by SCM Press
Deryn Guest
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When Deborah Met J...
Lesbian Biblical H...
by SCM Press
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