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Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Literary Meditations on Suffering, Death, and New Life

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Westminster John Knox Press
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Theologian and writer David Cunningham draws from novels, poems, and plays to give a resource for humans who face suffering, death, and new life. He provides a religious reading of important literary texts, with three studies for each of the three themes--drawn together by the weekly sequence of Friday-Saturday-Sunday and the events of Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday. These reflections on universal experiences are enriched by Cunningham's presentations of Christian perspectives which are significant resources for dealing with grief and pain, separation and absence, and transformation and renewal.

David S. Cunningham is CrossRoads Director and Professor of Religion at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. He is the author of Reading is Believing: The Christian Faith Through Literature and Film, Faithful Persuasion: In Aid of a Rhetoric of Christian Theology, and other books.

Friday, Saturday, ...
Literary Meditatio...
by Westminster John Knox Press
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