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Sexuality in the New Testament

Understanding the Key Texts

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Westminster John Knox Press
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Loader looks at hotly contested New Testament passages on sexuality and offers a fair and balanced treatment of what scholars say about them. He also offers an analysis of why interpreters say what they say and demonstrates how texts may be interpreted specifiallly to support a preformed opinion. Written in straightforward, nontechnical language, this timely and informative text is ideal for college classes as well as Bible study groups.

William Loader, FAHA, is a Professorial Research Fellow of the Australian Research Council, based at Murdoch University, Perth, Australia. He is engaged in research on attitudes toward sexuality in Judaism and Christianity in the Hellenistic Greco- Roman Era. His recent publications include: Sexuality and the Jesus Tradition (2005); The Septuagint, Sexuality, and the New Testament (2004); Jesus' Attitude towards the Law: A Study of the Gospels (2002); and Jesus and the Fundamentalism of his Day (2001).

Sexuality in the N...
Understanding the ...
by Westminster John Knox Press
William Loader
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